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<nettime> no border no nation!?
ventsislav zankov on Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:09:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> no border no nation!?

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english text below:

Hey here a report of what happensat the border

We arrived on 3. June at 7 pm at the border and left the serbian line of
the border.  We drive with lorry and tractor and 19 cyclists to the
controlport of the bulgarian border. the bulgarian police wants to know
how much we are and then they did until 9 pm nothing.

Every time when we tried to get in contact to the police they dont listen
to us. THen they said, we should leave the border and built a line of 20
armed cops with sticks.  We tried to discuss and then we believed in the
words of one officer whos said, all is allright, we can enter, we only
have to give our passports.

So, we did. THen they wanted us to show our cash money. Of course we have
not very much with us and then we showd them our creditcards. The
policeofficer refused and answered, the next possibility where we can use
this is in Sofia and we need money for the way to sofia. He wants to see
about 1000 Euro per each person, otherwise he dont wants to let us in.
Then suddenly we get back our passport with a mark within, which says that
we entered bulgaria and was deported.

We asked for what, but they only said, we have to leave immediately. They
dont give us the answer about the law, which says that we need to show
1000 Euro each.  The officer only said, we disturbed the bulgarian law and
therefore we have to leave the border back to serbia. then some other
policeman formed a line behind us and refused some of us, who wants go

So we are surrounded. About 10 pm a women translated something. but she
only said, we have to go because we disturb the traffic, while we are at
the border, and for this disturbation we are nor allowed to enter. And she
said this is because a bulgarian law, but she said, that the police is not
able to explain the law. The situation becomes strange. Some policeman are
playing with their sticks others take a chair and sit down beside a parol
"no border, no nation", written on a wall.

After some time the law of entryrefusing changes At about 11 pm we have to
show 300 Euro each and per day, so the amount of money increased.

We told them that they break international law, but they said, we disturb
the traffic now.

After some time they found an additional reason for refusing our entry. It
was because we have no medicine for our trip in bulgaria with us. Which
kind of medicine it was, they dont said.

Then we told them sthat we are invited by group in Sofia. then they said,
may be it works with this invitation. Then suddenly the chief of the
bordrrcops arrived. It was Mr. BorislaV Sokolov. After few seeconds he
became very angry went to one of us, who touched a piece of a borderstick
with his feet and spit him in the face. He says some shit, which seems to
be that he is proud to be a bulgarian and we are only pigs, who dont
respect bulgaria. While this his facecoulour change to red.

Then he goes back talked a while with his mobile came back and said he has
checked, that there dont exist a bulgarian group which invites us to come.

Then we phoned to our contact in Sofia and tried to give him the mobile.
but he refused to speak with this contact because in his opinion there
dont exist any group which invites us.

But then he becames great. He said That we can enter the next day when we
get an invitation. But it only works, when the group send this invitation
to the serbian border. Then it is necessary for our entry, that a
policemen of the serbian part of the border gives him the invitationfax
personally. So we made the proposal, to give him directly the invitation
or that he get this directly by the group in Sofia. He refused, because
the borderpolice has no faxmachine and he wants to get this invitationfax
from a serbian borderpoliceman. Then he put policeman with dogs to us and
said if we dont go they will force us.

First thepolicemen will beat us then they will shoot at us. While this the
fighting dogs are barking. The number of policemen increased to 40 people.

Then we left the borderregion. While this withdraw bulgarian policeman
entered serbian territory. Now we camp 1 km in front of the serbian part
of the border on a parkingplace nearby servis stations. Now we have the
invitations and try to crossd the border at 1 clock pm today.

It would be great, if people from the list can distribute this mail and
upload it to diiferent sites.

Please get in contact to some medias and tell them whats up at this
borderpoint Dimitrovgrad ditsche

[ventsislav zankov]adjunct lecturer New Bulgarian University
home pages entrance< http://zetmag.org/zankov >
home phone [00359 2] 56 96 82
mobile:  00359 87 51 97 94


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