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<nettime> orbit: kenji siratori (remix by alan sondheim)
Kenji Siratori on Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:22:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> orbit: kenji siratori (remix by alan sondheim)

Kenji Siratori

earth area=of the zero gravity_fatalities of the embryo that cut the mask in
the moon and tore DIGITAL_apocalypse that make the thing of the light year
that comes flying to the chromosome of the paradise/mode of clone-tokage=the
manhole of the sun was caused a quark in the season of the disillusionment
of that chromosome with the plug//stimulates f of: the corpse of the
tears....fatalities=of which eros of the reverse side in the moon that beats
loves bioless_darkness of DNA to the weird radio waves of the cadaver city
quark to the eye of the rhinoceros of communication impossible clone-tokage
that notifies the mummy of the light year of that embryo=rhythm of the
desire of the clone of f that I caught a glimpse of the mummy of the embryo
of the light year to the ovarium of the hell will continue to tell
brain:....the hearing of the drug mechanism of the
angel_broken--chromosome=of palpitation=ghost=of=heart=space of "f" of
embryo DIGITAL that earth sonic to the cyber that crowds to chaosmic in the
season_antifaust=of=the birth stratosphere hypnosis! air=of=murder concept
of sigma! the rhinoceros bar body mode of mankind entrance//don't tell
love!!! reptilian=of=fabricate love of f to ex-system-cycle--=sun of my
vacant brain cadaver of god reflein to the placenta of the darkness of
clone-tokage that soul=was raped//BABEL-ism=loops to synapse
impregnation/eye is transformed....:the terror that vital body interchanges
to sec of the suicide of the horizon to dive was filled eye of the cell of
the sun was flooded to the analogic internal organ of a crow so! the
cerebral cortex of my f/0 (BABEL-ism) of spider=of=the murderous intention
is secreted: human being=of the blue sky was turned the different that
crowds=to sweetheart so DIGITAL:....mad dog=of=the eyeball was respiring
[chromosome {AT} 

remix by Alan Sondheim

earth area=ophlsh! pe zeroso gravyty_phatalytyehz ophlsh! embryo pat keyut
mahzk yn moon &... tore DyGyTAL_apokeyalyphze make pyng lyght year
keyomehz philyyng 4 keyhromohzome paradyhze/mode keyl01-tokage=pe manhole
TAZun uhze-meahz keyauhzed a cueuark TAZeahzon dyhzyeleleluhzyonment
uhze-meyth plug//hztymulatehz philsh! ophlsh!: keyorphze
tearhz....phiatalytyehz=ophlsh! uhze-mehykeyh erosohz reveroshze TAZyde
beathz velhz byolehzhZ_darknehzhZ DNA uhze-meeyrd radyo uhze-meavehz
keyadaveros zyt! eye rhynozerosohz keyommunykeyaABU.YA ympohzhZyble
keyl01-tokage notyphyehz mumm! embryo=rhythm dehzyre keyl01 ! keyaught
glymphze ovaryum heelelel uhze-meyelelel keyontynue teelelel brayn:....pe
hearyng drug mekeyhanyhzm angel_broken--keyhromohzome=ophlsh!
palpytaABU.YA=ghohzt=ophlsh!=heart=hzpaEEK "philsh!" DyGyTAL TAZonyke!
zyberos keyrowdhz keyhaohzmyke! hzeahzon_antyphauhzt=ophlsh!=pe byrth
hztratohzpherose hypnohz=! ayr=ophlsh!=murderos keyonzept TAZygma! bar
bod! mode mank9nd entranEEK//dont vel!!! reptylyan=ophlsh!=phiabrykeyate
vel ekx-TAZyhztem-zykeyle--=TAZun m! vakeyant brayn god rephleyn plazenta
darknehzhZ TAZoul=uhze-meahz raped//BABEL-yhzm=loophz TAZynaphze
ympregnaABU.YA/eye = tranhz4med....:pe terososror vytl ynterososkeyhangehz
TAZeke! TAZuyzyde horyzon dyve phiyeleleled zeelelel philooded analogyke!
ynterososnl organ keyrou TAZo! zerosebrl keyortekx philsh!/ooh
(BABEL-yhzm) hzpyderos=ophlsh!=pe murderosouhz yntenABU.YA TAZekeyreted:
human beyng=ophlsh! blue hzk! turned dyphpherosent keyrowdhz=4 hzweepeart
TAZo DyGyTAL:....mad dog=ophlsh!=pe eyebaelelel rehzpyryng
!!!LOAD/12ooh%:::: [keyhromohzome {AT} 

wild output: http://www.kenjisiratori.com

Kenji Siratori

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