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<nettime> Tidal Wave Cancun
rdom on Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:09:28 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Tidal Wave Cancun

Convergence of Alternative Media into Cancun    
  Tidal Wave Cancun  
Our partners of Indymedia Chiapas <http://chiapas.indymedia.org> (who
participated in the forum Nuestros Medios ("Our media") in Barranquilla,
Colombia have a proposal of creating a Convergence of Alternative Media
into Cancun, after contacting with representatives of groups such as AMARC
<http://www.amarc.org/>, Global Indymedia
J<http://indymedia.org>,Greenpeace <http://greenpeace.org/>, Paper Tiger
<http://papertiger.org/>, Deep Dish<http://deepdish.igc.org/>, Prometheus
Radio <http://prometheusradio.org/>, people of the campaigns CRIS
<http://lac.derechos.apc.org/wsis/cris.shtml> and WSIS
<http://lac.derechos.apc.org/wsis/> .

The proposal begins as this:    

1) Create a convergence of alternative media during the ministerial
conference of the WTO in Cancun, 10-14 September 2003, which would include
2 steps:

a) Interchange of technology, ideas, experiences, knowledge between those    
people involved (for example, pirate radio teaching the using of waves,    
how to build them, etc)    

b) Capacity Building Networking for the people of the civil society who
are interested in learning, initializing or grow up their communication
strategies for their own movements and activities.  The firsts days of the
network would chase the target of sharing our habilities and knowledge
into the people who has not have the opportunity if entering directly in
the media topic, but have realized the necesity of this for their
organizations and popular groups of developing communication initiatives.

- The first step after the networks would be, becoming the knowledge
shared for making the coverage on the next days of movilizations and
forums by their own perspectives, now knowing how and where they can
publish and archive their informations and productions.

c) The preparatives for the spacing of the alternative media would be
similar to the networks, in which hte coverage would be done on the next
2) As part of the convergence of alternative media, it has been started to
discuss the relevance and importance of the ministerial agreements that
they will do about the "audiovisual" and the communications of the
"society of the information" que days after the happenings on the WTO in
Cancun will be the topic in the PrepCom3
<http://www.iisd.ca/linkages/2002/pc3/>. It is also proposed to call
people to Reclaim the Airwaves by the alternative radios. The proposal is
to begin with joining and discussing the ideas by the media, interested in
creating the convergence, with those who will go into Cancun and/or those
who will stay in their cities to cover the simultaneous mobilizations to
Cancun <http://espora.org/cancun03/  

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