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Table of Contents:

     Artcontext <deck {AT} artcontext.com>                                                

   *candyfactory products                                                          
     KOGO <takujikogo {AT} mac.com>                                                       

   [noiioz] indigenous hip hop via travelling eco-van sound studio                 
     "dr.woooo" <dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org>                                             

   new article from DJ Spooky                                                      
     "Horizon Zero" <horizonzeronews {AT} hotmail.com>                                    

   send to a friend via war-against-terror.info                                    
     per {AT} war-against-terror.info, per {AT} war-against-terror.info                        

   Ivan Pope: Two webcam installations                                             
     "Ivan Pope" <ivan {AT} ivanpope.com>                                                 

   Space of Empire - new issue republicart web-journal                             
     "eipcp" <contact {AT} eipcp.net>                                                     

   The Internet under Surveillance                                                 
     Philipp Budka <philbu {AT} gmx.net>                                                  

   Discordia Launches!                                                             
     Discordia_Collective <discordia {AT} discordia.us>                                   


Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 17:00:02 -0400
From: Artcontext <deck {AT} artcontext.com>

  270 piece
State of the Net

 {AT}  {AT} PLUG/ {AT}  {AT} 
 {AT}  {AT}  {AT} ( ) {AT}  {AT}  {AT} 
 {AT} (     ) {AT} 
 {AT}  {AT}  {AT} ) ( {AT}  {AT}  {AT} 
 {AT} (     ) {AT} 
 {AT}  {AT}  {AT} ( ) {AT}  {AT}  {AT} 

If dizzyingly diverse content packs more power to please,
PLUG / INVENTORY pursues the theoretical limits of pleasure in 
online experience.  Leveraging the latest in cool media options,
PLUG / INVENTORY is a constantly adapting work that depends on
every available technology.

While the sites favored by many connoisseurs require just three
or four plugins, PLUG / INVENTORY requires ALL plugins for a full
appreciation of its novelty.

As the collection coordinator, it is my sincere hope that this
smorgasbord of Web content blows your mind without crashing your

      Andy Deck


Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 16:59:28 +0900
From: KOGO <takujikogo {AT} mac.com>
Subject: *candyfactory products




Published by A.I.A.V Yamaguchi JP
80 pages, B5 format
A full color bad taste coffee table book
loosely based on Architectural Theme Parks

Participating Artists: Takuji KOGO, Mike Bode & Staffan Schmidt, Tetsu
Takagi, John Miller, Federico Baronello.

Edit : Mike Bode + Takuji KOGO
*candyfactory projects

- -Nexus World

- -Kanebo Factory Housing

- -Narsarrsuaq/Nuuk

- -Non-broadcasting Time

- -Nunotani Bldg.

- -Hotel Haku-Unro


Also included is an additional 48 page documentary catalogue on
collaborative projects between *candy factory and Mike Bode during the
Trans_2002 artist in residence program, Yamaguchi, Japan. Essay by Staffan
Schmidt Price: $25 US

Order ga2750 {AT} i.bekkoame.ne.jp


Holiday *candy factory

Sound tracks for collaborative Art projects

Artists Featured 

soap_land records 0001

This is a music CD organized as a collaborative project by *candy factory
including 16 tunes made by visual artists. 9 tunes made by Takuji KOGO who
has been running the *candy factory as a collaborative platform since

The tunes are mostly made for specific places during web or exhibition
projects. For instance fake Advertisement for failed post-modern housing
project in JP titled "Nexus World", also fake Advertisement on web for
failed globalism in Scotland, re-mixed Scottish traditional song "False
Bride", "Mall of America" or "As Seen On TV", these tunes are made from
signs for a big shopping mall at Minneapolis published as a web project
through "translocations" organized by Steve Dietz from the Walker Art

3 tunes by John Miller who is an artist based in NY and Berlin. John
Miller participated with his photo series "Middle Of The Day" as a
candyfactory web project and produced midi music entitled "Pot Boiler"
also published "Denim Girl" for a web project in collaboration with KOGO.
And for this CD, he participated with new tune titled "Butterfly's

Martine Colompt is an artist based in Melbourne who participated in the
"Gloss" project with candyfactory in 2002. For the exhibition at CCP
Melbourne , she was inspired by John Carpenter's film "Village Of The
Damned" and produced a video clip for her pop music titled "Spell On You"

One clip from G.H.Hovagimyan based in NY who is working on synthetic
voices as his digital communication performances. The tune "Spiritual
Repose" was made for the candyfactory project "Think The Same" for the
Total museum in Korea, singing Japanese toilet as a spiritual repose from
" Praise of Shadow " by Junichiro Tanizaki

Ola Pehrson is an artist based in Stockholm who joined this project with a
sound track "MOM SHE COOKS" for his new project "cookbook" at IASPIS,

Another original member of candyfactory Tetsu Takagi also put his word
sketches into synthetic voice performance too "GIRLS".

All tunes or mimic of music are made by visual Artists during
collaborative projects with candyfactory and now re-presented for everyday

Produced by Takuji KOGO  *candyfactory
Published by Soap land records Kokura Japan 2003.
Price: 2000 yen / $18 US
Order: soap land records
real {AT} mvg.biglobe.ne.jp


*candy factory

..PUBLIC MUSIC/ *candy factory


Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 09:45:41 +1000
From: "dr.woooo" <dr.woooo {AT} nomasters.org>
Subject: [noiioz] indigenous hip hop via travelling eco-van sound studio

At the vanguard of pop culture
Author: James Norman
Date: 08/06/2003
Words: 1076
Publication: The Sunday Age
Section: Agenda
Page: 9

Armed with a van, a video camera and a computer, two musicians are
combining anthropology and hip-hop to make reconciliation with a beat. By
James Norman.  If Aboriginal kids in remote desert communities were given
the opportunity to rap, what would they sing about? Thanks to Izzy Brown
and Marc Peckham, we're finding out.  The "Lab Rats", as they call
themselves, have been travelling to remote communities in a
vegetable-oil-powered van to run workshops with Aboriginal youth.  In a
classic case of ancient meets modern, the pair create contemporary
electronic/hip-hop music and amateur digital videos featuring the dance
and songs of Aboriginal kids. Often recorded around campfires, they are
then mixed in the solar- and wind-powered recording studio/editing suite
they tow along with them.  Marc Peckham says the Lab Rats have already
travelled about 40,000 kilometres in their van, stopping off at
fish-and-chip shops and pubs along the way to refuelwith used (but
filtered) vegetable oil.  In the trailer behind them are recording and
editing facilities, including several mixing desks and an I-Mac computer
with video editing capacity.  The cultural collaborations with remote
Aboriginal communities began in 1998 when the Lab Rats met Kevin
Buzzacott, an elder from the Arrabunna tribe near Lake Eyre, during a
protest over plans by the Western Mining Corporation to commence a water
extraction project from mineral springs.  "We started travelling with our
wind-powered cinema and doing free video nights, mural workshops, rap and
hip-hop workshops, breakdancing and face- painting classes, movie nights
and rave-style discos under the stars," says Brown.  Since then, the Lab
Rats have travelled to Aboriginal communities around Coober Pedy in South
Australia and have worked with urban indigenous youth groups from Redfern
to Darwin, and have released a 14-track CD of songs in traditional
Aboriginal languages.  Fusing traditional song and dance with modern music
and technology raises a number of cultural questions. Can rap music, which
has its roots in Afro- American street culture, translate as a vehicle for
the expression of indigenous culture in Australia in 2003? And what kind
of cultural obstacles might have to be overcome for such collaborations to
happen?  "Combat Wombat", the Lab Rats' side project, attmpts to provide
some practical answers. It's a live hip-hop act combining political rap
with contributions from indigenous communities and Aboriginal elders.  
"The political history of hip-hop is already well established," says
Peckham. "From the freedom marches and equal-rights movements in the US,
it's not hard to translate that energy into contemporary political
struggles in Australia in 2003. The Aboriginal city kids we've worked with
are more engaged with the political history of rap as a form of cultural
expression, but for the more remote kids, it's just a creative process
they have fun with and use to tell their stories."  Typical of this is the
collaboration between the Wulcannya Mob, a group of 10- year-old boys from
the Broken Hill area, and white hip-hop MC and DJ Morganics.  When he gave
them the opportunity to mix and record hip-hop tracks for national radio
exposure, the subjects were common aspects of daily life.  When it's hot
we go down river and swim When we go fishing we're catching a bream When
the river's high we're gonna jump in Then we go home and play some didge
The track Down River became a favourite on ABC youth radio, and led to the
Wulcannya Mob touring several Australian capital cities.  Kevin Buzzacott
says some Aboriginal kids in the outback may have heard snippets of rap
and electronic music via satellite television, but for most it was an
entirely new experience. "Many of the kids would have never heard it,"  
he says.  According to Buzzacott, the kind of exchanges the Lab Rats
facilitate can help bridge political and cultural divides between white
and indigenous communities, as well as provide creative outlets for
indigenous kids in remote communities where problems associated with
poverty and substance abuse persist.  "I think it might give them
something else to think about instead of petrol sniffing," he says.  
Peckham says it was a confronting experience to see first-hand the drug
problems among young people in Aboriginal communities.  "For the first
time, we were introduced to the whole petrol-sniffing experience. One
night some kids tried to siphon our tanks, not knowing that we ran on
vegie oil, and they got a bit annoyed and ended up smashing our side
window.  "We have seen braindead and burn victims of all ages because of
sniffing. To see kids walking round in big mobs with buckets of petrol
attached permanently to their faces, it's heart-breaking. You can try to
talk to them but they just rock back and forth and laugh at you. To see
such destructive behaviour inspired us to try to provide an alternative,
an empowering creative outlet through music and art, and also a
documentation of a culture in crisis."  The most memorable experiences in
the communities, according to Brown, are of the "energy emanating from the
dusty dance floor" at the music nights they organise, with the desert
skies overhead providing the ultimate light show. "Aboriginal Michael
Jacksons moon-walking through the discarded rubbish piles, an absolutely
heaving dance floor of under-12s shaking their asses like an African
lambada, and some keen local DJs. It had more vibe than a thousand rave
parties put together."  Buzzacott says the Lab Rats remind him of the
whites who used to travel between Aboriginal communities selling groceries
and other supplies."They remind me of the old hawkers, except they're
bringing music, videos and technology to the communities."  The music and
amateur videos the Lab Rats and Combat Wombat have produced have received
some national exposure through ABC youth radio and television, although
the Lab Rats operate independently of any government funding.  
"Essentially we don't need that much money because our van runs on vegie
oil, our sound system and computer runs on solar, and our cinema runs on
wind power," says Brown.  "Through the kids we are working with, we gain a
bit of an insight into their culture, and by using modern technology we
share it with the rest of Australia.  "For us, this is a fantastic
opportunity to experience community life first hand, and it gave us a
chance to reach the next generation in an effort of cultural exchange.
Music brings people together and that's what reconciliation is about."  
Lab Rats (http://lab-rats.tripod.com) perform as Combat Wombat at Phat
Logic, Evelyn Hotel, 351 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, tonight from 9pm.

- -- 


Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 17:54:22 +0000
From: "Horizon Zero" <horizonzeronews {AT} hotmail.com>
Subject: new article from DJ Spooky

Hi there.  We at HorizonZero thought people might be interested in a new
article by DJ Spooky aka Paul Miller that appeared on our site.

Loops of Perception: Sampling, Memory, and the Semantic Web is available
at http://www.horizonzero.ca/textsite/remix.php?is=8&art=0&file=3&tlang=0
Click at the top of the page to see the piece in flash.

Loops of Perception is part of HorizonZero 08 REMIX: generate / regenerate
/ transform. HorizonZero is a bilingual web-publication about digital art
and culture. http://www.horizonzero.ca


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 01:36:58 +0200 (CEST)
From: per {AT} war-against-terror.info, per {AT} war-against-terror.info
Subject: send to a friend via war-against-terror.info

I want to intoduce my project.

If you need more information, please mail.

Warm Regards,
Per Pegelow

Per Pegelow wrote:

Please have a look at: 


It`s an AntiWarGame, it`s cynical and political not correct, but it`s
against war and it`s easy like a pinball game.

I sent this link also to:  president {AT} whitehouse.gov

Good Old Georgy didn`t get the joke, and now it`s his favourite piece of

Many Greetings, 
Per Pegelow 

P.S. If you like it, send this mail to some friends... 


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 02:52:14 +0100
From: "Ivan Pope" <ivan {AT} ivanpope.com>
Subject: Ivan Pope: Two webcam installations

June 20 2003
Two webcam installations

Lost Magic Kingdoms

As part of my ongoing investigations into the use of webcams in my art
practice, I am pleased to launch two new webcam installations, Lost Magic
Kingdoms and Tabletops.  These two installations will run from June 20 to
July 20 2003. The installations have been made in my studio in Brighton,
UK. The work exists as a web interface, accessible through

The aim of these installations is to explore the construction of invented
space which exists somewhere between the physical and the telematic space.
They are not intended to be literal representations of space, but the
ordering of a flow of images. I also hope they are interesting and thought
provoking. I use very basic equipment, cheap webcams, cheap software,
cheap objects. Control over the installation is minimal, with light
settings, quality of image and time based change being largely out of my
control. These are not programmed works. They do not use Flash or
Shockwave or Java. There is no sound. The pages are large and may take
some time to assemble.  In addition to the installations, there are
several pieces of work listed on the front page of my website that use
found webcams as part of assemblages. You can find these at

Lost Magic Kingdoms http://ivanpope.com/cams/lostk.html An installation
made in 1987 by Eduardo Paolozzi, called Lost Magic Kingdoms and Six Paper
Moons, changed my life in revealing how art could be constructed by
rearranging existing objects. These are my lost magic kingdoms. Two
cameras on either side of a small table, enclosed by a screen. The cameras
take it in turn to transmit the scene. A lost kingdom is revealed.It's all
done with screens and lights. This is my tabletop, with a light and a
screen = magic.

Tabletop http://www.ivanpope.com/cams/turntable.html A single camera,
mounted on a camera pod. The camera pod moves restlessly. The lights go on
and off. The camera pans the tabletop, looking for action. A new world is

Webcam art mailing list As a proponent of the use of webcams as an
integral part of art practice, I have started a mailing list, Webcam art.

To discuss the use of webcam and webcam imagery in visual art. Use of
images from webcams, integration of webcam image streams in net art,
webcam installations, webcam performance, webcam hacking. Whatever.
Technical discussion of webcam and associated subjects encouraged from an
artist perspective.

You can join the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/webcamart/ or by
sending an empty email to webcamart-subscribe {AT} yahoogroups.com

- -- 
Ivan Pope
ivan {AT} ivanpope.com



Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 15:15:56 +0200
From: "eipcp" <contact {AT} eipcp.net>
Subject: Space of Empire - new issue republicart web-journal

The new issue of the republicart web-journal is now online!

Space of Empire

According to one of the theses in Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri's
"Empire", we have been living since 1989 in an imperial inside that
recognizes no outside. This space is characterized by several tendencies:
by a transition from discipline to control, by an increasing
imperialization of work, by an internationalization of hegemonic politics
through the G8 states, transnational corporations and organizations such
as the WTO, IMF or the World Bank. The articles under "Space of Empire"
pursue the questions of whether this scenario can be spatially and
temporally universalized to such an extent, the significance of the new
exterritories in the so-called "War Against Terrorism", and which artistic
strategies of reappropriation are being developed within this imperial


An Architektur: Exterritories and Camps. Juridical-Political Spaces in the
"War on Terrorism"
Boris Buden: Forever Young. Negri's Multitude as Post-Emancipatory Concept
of Emancipation
Katja Diefenbach: Ecstasy. Empire. Immanence
Oliver Marchart: The Crossed Place of the Political Party
Timo Meisel/Wanda Wieczorek: Traveling Through the Inner City: form follows
Pingiuin: The discussion about "Empire"
Teodora Tabacki: Past the Last Revolution. Some Notes on Belgrade

- ---
eipcp - european institute for progressive cultural policies
a-1060 vienna, gumpendorfer strasse 63b
contact {AT} eipcp.net



Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:07:25 +0200 (MEST)
From: Philipp Budka <philbu {AT} gmx.net>
Subject: The Internet under Surveillance

Hi all,

Reporters Without Borders (http://www.rsf.org) have published the second
anual report on Cyberspace: "The Internet under Surveillance - Obstacles to the
free flow of information online".


- -- 
Philipp Budka
email: ph.budka {AT} philbu.net
tel.:  43(01) 95 28 244
tel. mobil.:  43(0)6991 95 28 244
Rustengasse 5/10
1150 Wien, Austria

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:43:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Discordia_Collective <discordia {AT} discordia.us>
Subject: Discordia Launches!

- -unapologetically cross-posted <sick of English? Scroll down.>


Announcing the launch of DISCORDIA:

- --a collaborative weblog working at the intersections
of art, dissent, theory, tech culture and politics.


Discordia is an online discussion forum where YOU
post and moderate and filter the content.
Non-English threads are encouraged.

Discordia is not a replacement for mailing lists and is
pronounced "Discordia 'R Us."

Discordia has been developed by a diverse group of people distributed
across six time zones working together exclusively online.
Discordia is now ready to welcome participation from people in any
time zone writing in any language.

Read our Why text and FAQ before you start:


Anunciando el lanzamiento de DISCORDIA:

- --una bitácora de internet colaborativa que se enfoca en las
intersecciones del arte, inconformidad, teorías, cultura tecnológica, y


Discordia es un foro de discusión en-línea donde TU participas, moderas, y
filtras el contenido.  Queremos fomentar respuestas y seguimientos de
estas discusiones en otros idiomas además del inglés.

Discordia no es un sustituto de las listas de correo electrónico y se
pronuncia "Discordia 'R Us."

Lee sobre nuestra razón de ser y algunas respuestas de preguntas
frecuentes antes de comenzar:


Annonce du lancement de DISCORDIA:

 --un Weblog en collaboration fonctionnant au croisement d'art, de
discordance, théorie, culture tech et de politique.

Discordia est un forum de discussion online dans lequel on peut contribuer
au contenu, le modérer et le filtrer.
Les contributions en Français sont encouragées.

Discordia ne remplace pas les listes d'adresse et se prononce Discordia 'R
US' en anglais.

Pour commencer, lisez notre texte d'introduction et FAQ

 DISCORDIA wird lanciert:
 --ein kollaborativer Weblog, der sich an den Schnittstellen von
 Kunst, Widerstand, Theorie, Techkultur und Politik bewegt.
 Discordia ist ein online Diskussionsforum, wozu DU
 Deine Texte beitragen kannst, bei dem DU moderierst
 und wo DU den Inhalt filterst.
 Beiträge auf Deutsch sind herzlich willkommen.
 Discordia soll Mailinglisten nicht ablösen, sondern ergänzen und
 Discordia wurde von einer bunt gemischten, über sechs Zeitzonen verteilten
 Kollektiv ausschließlich online entwickelt.
 Discordia steht nun allen InteressentInnen in jeder Zeitzone, unabhängig
 davon, in welcher Sprache oder in welchem Stil sie schreiben, zur
 Discordia wird "Discordia 'R Us" ausgesprochen.
 Weitere Informationen für den Anfang findest Du unter den häufig gestellten
 Fragen und dem WIESO-Dokument:



Nieuw weblog Discordia van start gegaan.

Discordia is gemeenschappelijke weblog die zich beweegt op de kruising van
kunst, theorie, activisme, techno-kultuur en politiek.

Bezoek http://discordia.us, wordt lid en neem deel.

Discordia is een internationaal online discussie platform waar je zelf kan
posten, modereren en de inhoud kan filteren.

Nederlandstalige bijdrages zijn nadrukkelijk gewenst.

Discordia presenteert zichzelf niet alternatief voor bestaande
mailinglijsten. Het is bovenal een web forum.

Het web adres wordt in het Engels uitgesproken als "Discordia 'R Us."

Lees eerst de introductie en deFAQ tekst:



Discordia je on-lajn forum gde vi stvarate sadrzaj, vi upravljate sadrzajem,
i vi kontrolisete sadrzaj.


Discordia nije zamena za mailing liste, i izgovara se: "Diskordia ar as."
Sadrzaj na jezicima drugacijim od engleskog jezika su dobrodosli.



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