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<nettime> Transmissions and Empires
Alan Sondheim on Wed, 21 May 2003 23:35:21 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Transmissions and Empires

Transmissions and Empires

the following list of representative countries and domains was gathered
from google - the first 100 entries of the (anglicized) country name
filtered to the domain. the british commonwealth has a strong showing; the
u.s. is weak, taking .com, .mil, etc. for granted. some countries divide
among others. google of course is never neutral, and the search was in the
linguistic empire of english.

antarctica		"an", "0"
australia		"au", "92"
belgium			"be", "61"
brazil 			"br", "42"
britain			"uk", "54"
canada 			"ca", "91"
chile			"cl", "73"
china 			"cn", "23"
cocos islands		"cc", "4"
colombia                "co", "49"
east timor		"tp", "4"
egypt                   "eg", "24"
falkland islands	"fk", "22"
fiji			"fj", "30"
finland			"fi", "85"
france			"fr", "66"
gabon 			"ga", "0"
germany                 "de", "79"
greenland 		"gl", "38"
grenada			"gd", "1"
iceland			"is", "62"
india			"in", "12"
iran			"ir", "7"
iraq 			"iq", "0"
israel 			"il", "50"
italy 			"it", "51"
japan 			"jp", "66"
korea 			"kr", "54"
malawi			"mw", "10"
marshall islands 	"mh", "1"
mexico			"mx", "21"
mongolia 		"mn", "25"
new zealand		"nz", "78"
philippines 		"ph", "38"
pitcairn 		"pn", "9"
russia 			"ru", "43"
rwanda			"rw", "7"
saudi arabia		"sa", "8"
slovenia		"si", "69"
somalia			"so", "2"
south africa		"za", "78"
tajikistan		"tj", "3"
tonga                   "to", "16"
united arab emirates	"ae", "28"
united states 		"us", "1"
vatican			"va", "35"
vietnam 		"vn", "16"


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