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<nettime> _6 Regurgitive Rules of InterNet.Art_
][mez][ on Wed, 21 May 2003 23:39:58 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> _6 Regurgitive Rules of InterNet.Art_

At 11:20 PM 20/05/2003 +0200, sachiko wrote:
>i am sorry, what was the 6 rules for internet art again?

_6 Regurgitive Rules of InterNet.Art_

1. _No 4.Thought_

This [re]hashed & dangerous method of preempting meaning has everything 2 
do with the concussive nature of the potential audience. Make sure 2 
instill great clunking swathes of theoretical loadings in all work, no 
matter how small or insignificant. Be sure to mask the quality of the 
work[s] with liberal amounts of anti_progressive rhetoric in order 2 ensure 
substantial post-post_modemist [read: interpreted as modernism] interest.

2. _No M.mersion_

The No M.mersion rule is all 2 do with FX. Rampantly use FX predicated on 
the cartesian or the sensory [ie visuality overcoding] in all InterNet.art, 
regardless of appropriateness or relevancy.

3. _No More InterNet.art 4 the Sake of X.pression_

No more InterNet.art will be produced using x.pression as a template or 
process. Anything that can b traced 2 a verifiable transitive or 
predominant aesthetic is 2 be rejected as hackneyed [ie overcoded] + is 2 b 
thoroughly & rigorously laughed at.

4. _No Simulacra_

There is to b no use of discernable representation. This includes any type 
of format, form, or function including overt referencing, appropriation, 
reappropriation, construction, structure, deconstruction, deappropriation, 
rehashing, sampling, digitizing, reworking, mixing, layering, Foucaulting 
etc, blah. This is man[out]dated in order 2 develop a static, isolated feel 
that reflects the current economic-budgeting trend 2wards parochial 
orientation [read: insularisation] + destruction of any burgeoning sense of 
reticulated spaces.

5. _No Subject_

There will b no references in any Internet.artworks that xplicitly refer to 
_subject_. Instead, make sure 2 drench your works with substantial amounts 
of pre-packaged scene_approved lingo that references manifesto-like 
assignations or quasi-radical directives.

6. _No Connection_.

There is 2 b no connection in the promotion or distribution of InterNet.art 
unless this material can b adequately subverted via the ability of 
said_artists 2 project a believable authority[-aping]/critiquer stance. If 
this is realized at the xpense of establishing context or sustained 
conceptual rigor, all the betta.

- pro][rating][.lucid.txt

_men[iscus_heart] plucking via broken bag.ga[u]ges_

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