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<nettime> closing the nettime-bold archive

Since 1999, we have run and archived an unmoderated feed of nettime,
nettime-bold. Initially, the list was established in response to
debates about the lack of transparency in moderation; since then,
those debates have calmed down. At the same time, the value of the
-bold list has become less clear: it's very high traffic list (2044
messages vs. 157 on nettime-l in February 2003, albeit some of those
157 were digests). The overwhelming majority of the difference is
spam. Most of it is boring, some annoying, and for whatever reason
the -bold archive has show a nasty tendency to break again and again
(for example, the archive already runs up to the year 2070).

While there's probably some value in archiving spam, we do not feel
like investing our limited resources in such a project; and since
the bulk of the work involved in maintaining the server
goes to maintaining the -bold archive, we've decided to shut it down.
The existing archive will stay, but no new messages will be added.

We will keep the nettime-bold list running (it currently has about
28 subscribers). Of course, anyone can start a new archive. We will 
be more than happy to provide a pointer to it, if you start one (or

     -- the mod squad: felix, oliver, scot, ted

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