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Re: <nettime> There are only Vectors
human being on Wed, 12 Mar 2003 04:03:36 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> There are only Vectors

On Tuesday, March 11, 2003, at 12:57  PM, McKenzie Wark wrote:

> The Untied States
> McKenzie Wark

Would you please further define these 'vectorial' statements,
as each is a very big statement, and I must have missed the
post where all of this was reasoned as a common empiricism.
If you would begin with a solid (physical) definition of vector,
that would be helpful, as in, how does it relate to vectors as
they are used in mathematics and the sciences? And, if this
is based in Paul Virilio's work, would you post the definition
that you've stated before that you use but have yet to share.

What is a vector again???, and...

> The vectoralization of power


> the vectoral class


> vectoralization of world trade


>  the commodity game of the vector


> the strategy-game of the vector


> vectoralization


> vectoral transformation


> vectoral power


> the vectoral empire,


Thanks! Vectorally yours,


(from the seemingly Vectorialized State of the Vectorial Vector)

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