David Goldschmidt on Fri, 5 Jul 2002 21:30:59 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> the language of tactical media


Clearly you profess to have an intimate understanding of JoAnne's motives,
conclusions.  But, IMO, you only provide me with more evidence that the
inherently paranoid only see the ulterior motive.  If your not paranoid
then you are under the delusion that your previous interactions with her
have given you the insight to critique her for now, and forever.  All I
can do is applaud her.  I hope she ignores you, Michael.  She is the
author ... you are nothing but a critic.  She took her time to deliver a
dispassionate and eloquent arguement (with proper citations) that was very
enlighening (especailly for those of us who think the anti-globalisation
folks are full of shit and just looking for a fight).  And you, as a
simpleton, rebuff her out-of-hand.  You think you're so clever with your
insider information ... but you're not ... you either missed (or ignored)
the big picture.

As a very liberal democrat, I keep waiting for the anti-globalisation
freaks to offer an alternative to the status quo ... but you never do.  
If they ever offered the first first idea on how to "better" govern then I
would be their greatest champion ... but all I ever see is criticizism.

It may not mean much ...but I would like to thank JoAnne.  The perspective
she presented may have been "obvious" to Michael but it was new to me.

david goldschmidt

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