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Re: <nettime> the language of tactical media

> As a very liberal democrat, I keep waiting for the anti-globalisation
> freaks to offer an alternative to the status quo ... but you never do.  
> If they ever offered the first first idea on how to "better" govern then I
> would be their greatest champion ... but all I ever see is criticizism.

Norman Mailer in 1962 interview:

There's something pompous about people who join peace movements, SANE,
and so forth. They're the radical equivalent to working for the FBI. You
see, nobody can criticize you. You're doing God's work, you're clean.
How can anyone object to anybody who works for SANE or is for banning
the bomb?

- You're not questioning their motives, are you?

I am questioning their motives. I think there's something doubtful about
these people. I don't trust them. I think they're totalitarian in
spirit. Now, of course I'm certainly not saying they're Communist, and
they most obviously are not Fascists, but there are new kinds of
totalitarians. A most numerous number since World War II.

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