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<nettime> BREAK 21_DEAD OR ALIVE - REVIEW of the second week

6th International Festival of Emerging Artists 18th June-7th July /
Ljubljana / Slovenija 

REVIEW of the second week 25th - 29th June 2002


Following the theme Dead or Alive, every week being one of the words of
the title, the week that just past followed the word "or". "Or", as we saw
it, was the balance word, so the works in the second week dealt with the
questions concerning situation between life and death, or dealt with them
in the manner of scales.  Performance of HAVVE FJELL (NO) was the
culminating event of the opening day. This ex fakir, who came into art
scene with the urge for some other way of expresion than entertainment,
held one performance from his Quintet series. In performance "Sting" Havve
Fjell was sewn to the chair with his body, his left hand was sewn to his
face, and right hand to his legs. Statement of this artist is that pain is
a solution.


Unlike the first week when the space of the gallery was inhabited by a
huge object, so the intimacy of the space could strike you almost
physically, in the second week the construction was made up of two large
boards with mixed photographies. The photographs of the different aspects
of corpus delicti, i.e. hunting or remains after a war battle, are mixed
together so the quality of the documentary is stressed more than the
artistic work itself. Next to that there were projections of a poetic
video "Licking" on three TV screens.  Construction also consisted of one
trophey chamber and a claustrophobic passage to the end of the gallery
where the photo album with family of human mutants was exhibited on a tall
chair.  The apse of the gallery, ex-chapell became a space for impressive


Human fascination and desire for making murder - tools. Guillotine has a
historical, almost romantic conotation related to all the queens and kings
that lost their head on it. When exhibited in a gallery it represents an
interactive piece par excellence.

LIANE LANG (GB): Licking One of the most gentle touches is licking, but
when it is repeated, focused always on the same spot, it can cause pain
and a nasty wound. This principle, which we can compare with spiritual
experiences from the Far East, can be seen in a video-animation made with
beautiful anthropomorphic plasticine and clay figures.

CHRISTIAN DE LUTZ (DE/US): The Trail from Srebrenica 1996/2001

One of the few works on the festival dealing with war. Photographs were
taken at Srebrenica, subtly showing the horror of the place, abandoned
after the attack.


Hunters always claim that they love animals the most. But after they kill
them, the animals end up in their stomachs and on their walls. At the
exhibition we have the opportunity to see a photo album of an unknown

VUKASIN NEDELJKOVIC (YU): The Prince of the Forest

Contradiction present in human relationship toward the animal was seen
also in the installation made by Nedeljkovic. Personification of roe-buck
in humanlike creature is seen through Disney's cartoon Bambi. Artificial
deers' heads ironically gets us back to reality.

SLAVICA PESEVSKA (MK/SI): 18.276 Less Alive

What is happening to the faunal and floral species in this anthropocentric
world? On display in the gallery you could see how many of them are dying.

JELENA RADIC (YU) Family album of sweet and horrific human mutants.


The Fashion show that took place at the flat roof of Kapelica gallery was
actually a very succesfull fashion peformance. Models were shown lying on
hospital beds, with intubation tubes, or in body bags, lightened by
indiscrete neon light. Out of security reasons only about twenty people
could enter the roof at the same time by specially built staircase. Make
up of the models was black and white "swamp" design, and their hair was
all wet. Except for this, to the audience very interesting and bizzare
scenography, there were some quite astonishing creations dealing with
questions of death and life through the focus of fashion.

IRENA FUNDUK (SI): Ecstasy of Death I, II

She is inspired with the bandage for covering big bloody wounds. Her
dresses, the colour of dark-blood, were like a reminder of a wounded but
preserved body.

Ana Hribernik is exploring artificial materials, for example latex, and
designing out of them a fashion for "future bodies" with three arms,
seventy fingers, five legs and tits on different places.

dd (CH): a-cute dress

Her very simple white dress made of unsewn fabric was attached to her body
with safety pins through her skin. When you wear your clothes like that,
except of the "needle" part of the dress, they can not get more loose.

JASMINKA KONCIC (HR): Children of Paradise

"Children of Paradise" is the title of the collection from which we have
seen two models. They are made of spunge wrapped in red and white fabric.
The creations recall madhouse-shirts with too long sleeves and bandages.
They also recall protection suits - some parts of the body are immobilized
and if you hit the ground nothing happens to you.

ANITA MUDRONJA (HR): Warrior I, II Fashion inspired by army clothes. The
less clothes you are wearing, the more you are capable of moving.

STAHL STENSLIE (NO): Death by Walking, Suicide Party Dress

Suicide clothes combine a fashion of suicide and fashion itself. You can
either suffocate because of walking (Death by Walking) or explode (Suicide
Party Dress) or blow up others. The clothes are inspired by suicidal
practice and even by attack on some institutions or people, but never
before in such a fashionable manner!


She made long velvet party gloves with scalpel blade mounted on the zip
head which you can use to rip your veins in a stylish way.


She is using incredibly structured natural materials (cotton) for wrapping
her models but the paint that she used made her end up in the hospital
just a few days before the show.


Innergirl: Suicide Journal http://suicidejournal.com

Jimpunk: jimpunk visits mouchette at the m.org.ue

Melinda Rackham: Carrier http://www.subtle.net/carrier/

Mouchette http://www.mouchette.org


The video lounge was set up on the staircase of the entrance hall of the
K4 Club as a small private cinema. People could sit on the cushions on the
stairs and watch the projections. Last week there was a projection of ERIK
HOBIJN's (NL) work "Delusion of Self-Immolation", a huge interactive piece
in which fire and water are used richly.  The work is famous under the
title Suicide machine. There was also a documentary on GUNTHER VON
HAGENS's (DE) sculpture-collection made of human bodies. These controverse
pieces are signified with the term plastinates.  The third piece shown in
the video lounge was RON ATHEY's (US) radical, painful and poetic
performance. The performance is an excerpt from "Four Scenes in a Harsh
Life" where he is explaining some important events in his life i.e. using
drugs, trying to commit suicide, prostitution and the fatal HIV infection.  
The video lounge is a great addition to the exhibition. Its importance
lies in the fact that we can show works which correspond to the topic
'Dead or Alive'. Besides that people have one more opportunity to see
something they have missed.


They were shown to the cinephillic audience in the Kinoteka. The audience
was thrilled and inspired by short and animated films, which were a great
success. Last week they could be seen in the video-animateque and in the
Kolosej cinema. The same schedule is valid for next week.

Short films

David Brooks (US): Member
Alain Escalle(FR/JP): The Story of the Floating World
Boris Hars-Tschachotin (DE). Lurch
Fariborz Kamkari (IR): Born to be a Soldier
Kenneth Kainz (DK): A Rare Bird
Marianela Maldonaldo (GB/NO): The Look of Happiness 
Jorg Wagner, Stefan Prehn (DE): First Day on the Job
Virgil Widrich (AT): Copy Shop

Animated films

Neels Britz (ZA): DAM
Rene Castillo (MX): To the Bone
Martha Colburn (NL/US): Spiders in Love
Jo Goigne (BE): Quick Death
Sally Golding (AU): Contained Vessels or Diseases Stolen from Other Bodies 
Igor Lazin, Bense Sandor (HU): Hilda's Story
Balász Pál (HU): Villy the Elephant
Bruno Razum (HR): Re:

We proudly announce third week events of the festival (from 2nd to 7th of
July): social situation - dinner made of human flesh by Zoran Todorovic
(YU), the suicidal performance of Elena Kovylina (UA) and "blood letting"
performance by notorious Franko B (GB). The works in the exhibition will
cover the "alive" part.  Stay tuned.

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