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Re: <nettime> Where Music Will Be Coming From - Kevin Kelly?

Hey Derek, thanx for the post. All I can say is, well... it seems 
like the usual all Anglo-American take on music that we keep getting 
bombarded with in theory circles to me... sigh... a whole issue and 
article on this kind of thing, and no mention of stuff like early 
hip-hop mix tapes, no jazz, no mention of blues (except in a Euro 
style situation...) ... Nor a mention of the Lomax collection that 
under-girded Moby's last album "Play" which, amusingly enough, was 
based on cotton picking songs from plantation chants of African 
Americans in the Old South etc etc black pain still helps sell alot 
of cars etc etc but hey.... anyway - don't forget, I write this, 
ironically... when will the editors of these mags get into the 21st 
century? I guess you could call the phenomenon "Science of the Lambs" 
- play it again, Sam!  The clones and copies just float on by... It 
never ceases to amaze... Good article, but well... its a diverse 
world. I'd really love to see more dynamic and open ended, truly 
multi-cultural takes on this kind of thing. Kevin Kelly always has an 
angle on this kind of thing, but yeah, the "liberalization" of 
markets issue, and the whole deregulation thing, when you see him 
apply it to music, you just gotta wonder: how much longer can the 
same ideas be reprocessed. There was a conference on digital media 
and copyright law at Harvard University's Law School that John Perry 
Barlowe put together with Chuck D from Public Enemy, me, and various 
others on the future of copyright vs copyleft law etc etc and there's 
various papers and essays on the topic at the site

and there's another conference coming up at Duke University on a 
similar topic with Dick Hebdige and some other folks, all of whom are 
doing essays/articles etc etc on sampling & law issues etc etc too

but the main thing is that they always look for a way to commidify 
what essentially is going to be an open source based system. They 
can't control it, but the illusion of control, still seems to carry 
water for that crowd. The thought of how Kelly can walk a fine line 
between the implications of his article and how he pretty much knows 
that most of what he's writing will be obsolete within a year or so, 
makes one wonder at the irony of it all. There's an old story 
Buckminster Fuller used to tell when faced with the social 
engineering issues he faced when he was trying to push his dymaxion 
concepts: brevity is the soul of wit...

Dymaxion = Dynamic + Maximum + Tension = 'Doing More With Less'

if you're going to be around when the conference happens, well... 
bring your I-Pod, I guess...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe 
they are free...."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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