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<nettime> Peaceful Tomorrows (fwd) - please read -

An article in The Nation by Jordan Moss titled, "Patriotic Dissent," brings to our
attention the lack of a compelling voice in this country to protest Bush
Administration's plans for a limitless war against an undefined other, the
attenuation of civil rights, and the escalation of the military budget at
the expense of education, healthcare, and other social programs vital to
this nation, by announcing a new organization, "Peaceful Tomorrows," that
grew from the wisdom of those families in this country (not to say those in
Afghanistan) who have, so far, suffered the most from the September 11th

Peaceful Tomorrows' website is:
Below is the organization's goals:


Peaceful Tomorrows is an advocacy organization founded by family members of
September Eleventh victims. Its mission is to seek effective nonviolent
responses to terrorism, and identify a commonality with all people similarly
affected by violence throughout the world. By conscientiously exploring
peaceful options in our search for justice, we choose to spare additional
innocent families the suffering that we have already experienced-as well as
to break the endless cycle of violence and retaliation engendered by war.
Our goals:
 To make possible a safe, open dialogue on alternatives to war.
 To provide support and fellowship to others seeking peaceful and just
responses to terrorism.
 To educate and raise the consciousness of the public on issues surrounding
war and peace.
 To guard against erosion of civil liberties and other freedoms at home as
a consequence of war.
 To promote U.S. foreign policy which places a priority on principles of
democracy and human rights.
 To encourage a multilateral use of sensible and appropriate means to bring
those responsible for the
September eleventh attacks to justice in an international criminal court.
 To recognize our fellowship with other innocent people touched by violence
and war, regardless of nationality.
 To join with like-minded groups in furthering the causes of peace and

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