Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 18 Mar 2002 19:44:30 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> digital hooliganism


while i agree that the net is becoming more irritating as it is becoming
more insecure through a decrease in social control, i think it is useless
to decry the lack of moral responsibility. there is a certain romanticism
(remember those old pirate movies ...) in the appraisal of hacker culture,
but as alex has already pointed out, we probably need a more precise
terminology to say which types of 'hacking' are doing exactly what. like
with the presentation of daniel garcia andujar's 'phoney' last year, the
hacker techniques workshop at transmediale.02 was a way to popularise the
fact that the net is inherently insecure.

>how detached does the "media culture" discourse have to get from the phenomena
>of everyday digital life to finally become a full part of the reactionary
>logic which it seems to try to critique?

how detached from the reality of the networks does a project manager have
to get in order to _not_ make regular back-ups of an important
international project like orang?

this does not mean that i approve of the destruction of orang - agree that
it is sad and a desaster -, but if anything, this act should remind
everybody that they need to protect their data from the possibility of
these things happening. even the most malignant hacking or virus-spreading
is nothing but an inherent effect of the network that you have to learn to
live with.


(ps: will you criticise the lock-picking movement if your flat gets broken

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