brian carroll on Thu, 31 May 2001 22:11:04 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> question regarding text-filtering

 hi Andreas, thanks for your thoughts. i disagree
 that it is just an issue of attachments and file-
 size and keeping it small. here's why.

 first, the idea of 'what is a text' today is not,
 in my understanding, soley defined by being ascii.
 maybe this is semiotics, maybe not. but textuality
 and things being texts (movies, paintings, etc.)
 has been what i consider a theoretical assumption
 of nettime as a realm of discursive textual praxis...
 thus, if an image is textual, and primarily so, yet
 it is still image-based, is it simply 'not a text'
 even though text/words may be its most prominent

 two, the files could be the same size as a text,
 of ascii nature, and not html'd, but attached.
 why is a 20k image any different from a 20k text
 on nettime? just a question, as if there were
 limits upon texts and the images were themselves
 texts, then i do not see a clear dividing line...

 3, post elsewhere. no one looks. and the text is
 the central discourse. so why have it be remote
 if the discussion is relevant for this net time,
 wherein threads start in the constellation of
 ideas, from seeing the image-(music)-text, and
 not offlinking to it elsewhere, as if an apparition
 in the collective nettime discouse...

 f o u r: if people don't want it, dump it. the
 image-text is no less valid an idea than an ascii
 text-image, and, in my view, the image-text could
 enable discussions that ascii-text could never,
 because of the visualization of textual content.
 not a call for HTML mail, of course, but it was
 nice to use the nettime-bold archive as an archive
 for the texts and i hope others will do so if they
 have texts which are ascii size (10-50k). as it
 would enable ideas that are non-ascii to permeate
 the realm that is ascii dominated, and in my view,
 ascii-limited, by ascii-logic and reasoning that
 keeps the text within certain predetermined loops
 of reason and unreasoning... so, the image-text...

 just some thoughts,

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