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<nettime> Re: RHIZOME_RAW: 010001 ehhhh... opensources andpull the plug

whilst the incident is amusing in itself, to me it seems to confirm that
there are a very considerable number of 'recognized' 'practitioners' of
'net-art' who have very little confidence in the medium in which they
work. They seem to have completely given up on reaching any audience
beyond this (these) mailing list. Their 'significant' acts as outlined
by real and FC are only significant in relation to a discourse, this
mailing list, they are imperceptible as communication of virtually any
kind outside of this very charmed circle of discourse. And I actually
think giving credence to such whispered communications under-fufills the
potential of the medium, and to a certain extent, in that this circle of
discourse overlaps into a circle of people in a position to commission
projects from the members of the 'circle' it actively denigrates the
oeuvre in this medium.

Or is it maybe that these limited and effectively coded 'significant'
acts are precisely designed to institutionalize and reinforce the
charmed circle, and who is in and who is out? That way the circle knows
easily who to invite to such as
which appears to be the dungeon of a castle (nicely and tastefully
refurbished). Were cocktails served after?

What i find ironic is that where 0100101110110101 group purported to set
out to liberate the medium with its heist of, they now (and
particularly since their failure to top themselves along with other
luther blissets back at beginning of millennium) seem to be acting
centrally in reinforcing the exclusivity and 'self-contained'-ness of
practice in this medium. And ironically (previously continues to focus on reaching out across the internet both
online and offline beyond the charmed circlet (but probably such
projects cannot penetrate through those castle walls).

atty wrote:

> somehow this subversive act did bring in mind the famous
> opening of terry gilliam's movie brazil where the names
> buttle and tuttle were switched by i believe a cockroach
> falling into a machine. the consequence of this act had
> finally a disasterous effect on the life of harry tuttle.
> just one letter made the difference here.
> interesting ofcourse are the mechanisms FC's strategy uncovers and
> that have in my eyes even wider implications then the work of the
> original (forgive me the word) 0100101110110101 group. because in

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