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Re: <nettime> mailghetto # 36 (A.Biriukov's letter)

>>>>> "OK" == Oleg Kireev <> writes:

    OK>   4.. NRA is either non-existing or provocative organization.

    OK> [...]

    OK> As to provocation, I can say that every kind of provocation
    OK> has its goal. By saying that NRA's activities are provocative
    OK> people mean that conducting acts of terrorism provokes the
    OK> state to apply repressive measures to the environment from
    OK> which the organizers of terror originate. [...]

So, in English (and, I guess, French), a "provocateur" or "agent
provocateur" is an agent of the police or other authority who commits
a crime in the guise of a opposition group in order to justify
suppression of that group. Mr. Biriukov seems to have missed this

There was WIDESPREAD questioning (even in the American mainstream
press) of the possibility of government involvement in the 1999 Moscow
bombings that provided the justification for the Second Chechnyan

I don't know fuckall about the NRA or any such bombing they may/may
not be involved in, but if it WERE a government bombing designed to
discredit the left, it wouldn't be the first show trial in Russia's

~Mr. Bad

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