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Re: <nettime> mailghetto # 36 (A.Biriukov's letter)

>>>>> "KO" == Kireev Oleg <> writes:

    Me>  So, in English (and, I guess, French), a "provocateur" or
    Me> "agent provocateur" is an agent of the police or other
    Me> authority who commits a crime in the guise of a opposition
    Me> group in order to justify suppression of that
    Me> group. Mr. Biriukov seems to have missed this point.

    Me> There was WIDESPREAD questioning (even in the American
    Me> mainstream press) of the possibility of government involvement
    Me> in the 1999 Moscow bombings that provided the justification for
    Me> the Second Chechnyan War.

    KO> no, these were the houses' explosions at Autumn'99, and these
    KO> talks about FSB's work are not that reliable, really. Biriukov
    KO> is accused of preparing another explosion of the other time.

I understood that. Let me clarify: I was saying that the bombing
Mr. Biriukov is accused of -could-, at least, have been a provocateur

To support that assertion, I pointed out that the Putin gov't has been
accused of provocateur bombings before -- the Summer/Autumn 99

I agree, though, that rumors of atrocity don't make much of a logical

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