andrew garton [c2o] on 6 Feb 2001 20:47:09 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Emotional Politics

At 06:33 pm 5/02/01 -0500, Alan Sondheim wrote:
>Emotional Politics
>This is fucking disgusting! Stop writing me!
>Goddamn Internet! I'm fucking attacked on one hand by Nigerian spanners
>offering me a big piece of 26 million dollars, and attacked on the other
>hand by corporate assholes who stick banners like knives across the
>eyeballs; the hackers are our only hope; someone's got to bring the whole
>fucking system down!

Yes, I get those Nigerian spammers... and more to boot. The easiest way to
stop this appalling situation is to log off all together. Why wait for
"hackers" to "bring the ... system down" when one can exercise one of our
few remaining rights, turning the goddam mess off at the outlet? If we
can't stop the source, we can certainly prevent it from entering our homes,
desktops, PDAs...

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