Rob Wittig on 6 Feb 2001 20:41:09 -0000

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Re: <nettime> review of thomas frank's one market under god (by naomi klein)

Wonder how much

T. Frank gets into the 

emotional-fictional-narrative modes

of the "marketing of the market . . . "

The thing that fascinates me

is to see how the market

is displayed using familiar narrative structures

from other worlds:

1) sports, first of all, 
the great male soap opera

2) CNN-style "breaking news,"
specifically the "unfolding tragedy"
genre (cf. the Chicagoland shootings of yesterday)

And it fascinates me to muse

how TV's "Survivor" is a total-fiction-work

in, arguably, the exact same genre

as the "market"

And it makes me, more than ever,

eager to see how the monster/bastard child 

of the sacrosanct and pious National Football League

and the flagrantly fraudulent World Wrestling Federation

--- the nascent XFL ---

is going to fare in the North American myth market

I can't quite articulate it yet

but I'm convinced the XFL is going to give us clues

about the future of the stock-market-as-narrative

stay tuned

Rob Wittig

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