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<nettime> Emotional Politics


Emotional Politics

This is fucking disgusting! Stop writing me!

Goddamn Internet! I'm fucking attacked on one hand by Nigerian spanners
offering me a big piece of 26 million dollars, and attacked on the other
hand by corporate assholes who stick banners like knives across the
eyeballs; the hackers are our only hope; someone's got to bring the whole
fucking system down!

We better stop sending cute Bush jokes around! It's like finding funny
stuff in Mein Kampf! How the hell do you resist! We're all in the shtetl!
We didn't know it! When I walk down that hall, Bush will pull the lever!
Just watch! Fuck DNA! I did it! I did it! Whatever it is!

Bush and his creepy team can go screw themselves! They've already screwed
the rest of the country! Proto fascists, they promised compromise and as
soon as they seized power, they showed their true colors as racists and
violent fundamentalists! Women's rights will be all but dead in a year or
two! We'll all be in jail for un-Amerikkkan activities! The jails, already
the largest on earth, will be bursting with blacks, jews, atheists, anyone
who doesn't lick the ass of Christ! Fuck Bush! There's a war on; the more
Republicans, the more thugs! We're all dead unless we fight back! Who
wouldn't love to see Washington DC burn!

Goddamned Israelis held hostage by the religious right, Arab kids taking
potshots at them! So now we'll have fascist Shiron to contend with; if
he's a jew, I'm not! I can't even recognize myself in his murderous fat
face! It's the people that look like tailors I fear the most! Meanwhile
I'd be scared to live in Jerusalem or just about anywhere in the mid-east
and I wouldn't know who the hell to fear!

What the hell is going on with the southern region of Russia, rogue gangs
and missing plutonium! We'll all go to hell if India and Pakistan don't
take us there first! Why can't they get along! Are we really going to bomb
the hell out of each other! Bush wants to ride the first bomb down! But
radiation's the new abortion! Look at Japan! Singapore! China! Go there!
Don't go there! You can't fight burning bodies on the Square!

Marx is dead, the left's unarmed and kissing Republican ass! In this coun-
try we love Mexico now! All those kids in the aging creaking sweatshop
system! With Bush we can rape them! Canada's another story! Fuck Canada!
Bush can't even find it! The Quebecois hold everyone hostage! You can't
even build a new plant without worrying about the dollar! Look at Europe,
racist and smug! Everyone wants a nationalist piece of the pie! Let them
eat cake!

While I'm writing this, Bush is signing secret orders for concentration
camps! Help the Montana economy! North Dakota! Not too many people! A
little town called Auschwitz!

Look at the agony in Afrika! Why can't the US and Europe give reparations!
We just about slaughtered the continent in the 19th-century!

Why aren't people armed here! Why is it always right-wing assholes who
carry guns! Why don't the Democrats in Congress throw bombs! What are they
scared of! They've already lost their jobs, they just don't know it! I
want to sell drugs and oil! I want to sell guns and bombs! There's got to
be a way to make money in this criminal administration! Fucking thieves!
Murderers! Screw them!

The US is the so-called most bloated country on earth yet you can't get
health care here; half the seniors are going without food so they can
afford medication shit out by obscene pharmaceuticals! People eat dogfood
here to survive! Fuck them all! The fucking rich are getting richer; they
should be on death row! The poor are barely making it! God forbid if
you're black or poor and ill or just about anyone other than a rich white

Fuck Bush! He thinks: Who needs electricity! His ass is glistening with
oil! His ass runneth over! So what if California collapses! They didn't
vote for him! They're probably fucking jews! arabs! blacks! He'll rob them

Fuck Florida! Fuck the fascists just itching to take over the US! They'll
show the rest of the world! They've got the fucking weapons and they're
not afraid to use them! They'll go to heaven licking Christ's ass in
eternal rapture and leave the rest of us to die here! You can already
smell the corpses!


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