Jamie King on Thu, 22 Jun 2000 21:09:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> XOBJECTS <Drop In Center> : Friday 18:00 GMT

XOBJECTS <Drop In Center>

18:00-20.30 | Friday 23rd June
Lux Center | Hoxton Square| London |UK.

XOBJECTS is a new research group dedicated to developing innovative
analyses of information technology and networks. The group seeks to use
its findings in helping industry, government and the NGO sector to
strategise their activities on the net and over other networks. It also
seeks to promote a programme of structured critical thinking about the
net which might underwrite European online activity, and perhaps
counter-balance the neo-libertarian projects of the US.

Currently in its first year, XOBJECTS is looking for new members to help
it begin working towards these goals. If you would like to take part in,
or help organise, regular seminars and workshops, and are interested in
being part of a strong forum for thinking radically about networks, we
want to speak to you. We also want to speak to programmers, theorists,
venture capitalists, writers, artists, designers, academics, architects
and anyone else who thinks they might bring something useful to
discussions on the medium to long term future of the net.

The XOBJECTS <Drop In Center> is designed to introduce possible
contributors and members to the project and to answer any questions they
may have about it. Our website [www.xobjects.net] will be available for
reference on three web terminals, and an XOBJECTS representative will be
on hand to field enquiries and take down your particulars. There will
also be a chance to add your ideas to the 'X RULES FOR THE NEW ECONOMY'
survey. Bring an idea to write up on the board!

[XOBJECTS is a non-affiliated, independent research body. For more
information, or if you are unable to visit the Drop In Center, see
www.xobjects.net or contact Jamie King - mailto:jamie@xobjects.net]

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