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<nettime> Re: x645k645

> >if i couldn't tell the difference between
> >fascism and the internet 
> ma! zta!t dze d!f !f dez!rd.

er. k. d!f output to follow:
>>fascism - totalitarian political system based on
fear and violence and tending to outlaw all that is
not compulsory.
<<internet - global network of computer networks based
on various platform-independent protocols and tending
to allow information to flow freely in all directions.

hmm. prhps ! = slo. prhps u shld zta!t dze s!m. (!f

> >i too would run my prose
> >through an obfuscator.
> mo! non pluz.
> = 01 d!frnsz.

au c0ntr. humanz = bunch of lazy buggers at heart,
really, + r3d!ng != 3z3 4 us. also, r3d!ng !=
sl33p!ng, 3t!ng or fukc!ng, dze pr!m golz of all
h0n3zt ppl, so 2 ut!l!z dl!brtle n0n-stndrd speling
m33nz ppl won't actually bother with it after all,
life being too short and the pub, telly, person in
next cubicle, whatever, being too attractive etc by
comparison. usually.
> >problm avec dze rs + dze elb0 difrntasie methinks.
> prblm avec `thinks`.
> = ma! komput thought = embod!mnt ov fasc!zm auss!.

[] !nt3rssant. prhps 2 u *anything* that 3x!stz = 
embod!mnt ov fasc!zm. 2 sum, all =, = light. 2 u, all
=, = embod!mnt ov fasc!zm. what an unpleasant way to
choose to look at the world. that or you really do
have no idea at all quite what fascism actually means.
>         http://www.membank.org
[other urls snipped...]

m!\!(\!). what a *large* number of urls you have.
m! p3n!s = shrunk !n h0rr0r at b3!ng s0 c0nsumatly
outgurned. er, outgunned. (pun > sw0rd et tout ca)



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