Patrice Riemens on Thu, 22 Jun 2000 22:41:23 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: Smash the Surface / Break Open the Box / Disrupt the Code

(I know this is socially suicidal, but I couldn't resist....)

First (re)read Eric Kluitenberg's posting carefully. Then, consider the 
following and you might understand why I find it rather hilarious.

At the end of the Tulipomania conference in Amsterdam two weeks ago, I too, as 
consequence of having to endure shoddy and and hostile service, 'smashed the 
surface' (or rather, a platter on the bar), hereby 'breaking open the (black) 
box' - of the bar's manager delirious brain. This promptly resulted in physical 
assault by him on my person, loud utterance of threats ("be happy that your head 
and body are still in one piece!"), and me finally being 'robustly' dragged out  
of the building by him and his cronies. This 'disruption of the code, which is 
being asserted as originating from me and me only, now results in me being 
signified a life-long interdiction to enter again the premises of the Balie 
cultural centre, a ban tacitly endorsed by Eric Kluitenberg and his director, 
former green-socialist MP Ms Andree van Es. An interdiction, needless to say, 
that I will be most happy to painstakingly respect.

All this, of course, happened in *reality*, that dismal and loathable realm long 
ago left to its own devices by our conference organising and conference hopping 
brainlords. What can I add more than a resounding  "Go ahead, Eric, Smash the 
Surface / Break Open the Box / Disrupt the Code! BE MY GUEST!!!"

cheers all the same,

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