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1990   From: horscircuit <>
       Subject: OPEN CALL Paris/Berlin International Meetings
1992     From: "Wilkerson, Richard" <>
         Subject: The Virtual Reality Survey : DreamGate survey of the changing
1993             From: Lorenz Helbling <>
                 Subject: ShanghART at ART BASEL
1994                  From: Oliver Ressler <>
                      Subject: "The global 500" continues...
1995          From: garage <>
              Subject: open source-architecture-workshop
1996      From: Ralf Homann <>
          Subject: type=radio~border=0 - first call for participation
1997    From: "Chris Drew" <>
        Subject: ART-ACT Notes 21b
1998          From: "Conor McGarrigle" <>
              Subject: Sculptors' Society of Ireland- Tonic. submissions invited
1999      From: McKenzie Wark <>
          Subject: 12 New Jobs Available at Social Change - pass it on! (fwd)
2000           From: Arie van Schutterhoef <>
               Subject:  Re: (OT)[ANNOUNCE] "The Day"

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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 15:53:02 +0100
From: horscircuit <>
Subject: OPEN CALL Paris/Berlin International Meetings

Paris/Berlin International Meetings
51 rue Montorgueil - 75002 Paris - FRANCE
Tιl : ++ 33 1 40 26 66 34
Fax : ++ 33 1 42 33 36 44

Paris/Berlin International Meetings #4 : CALL FOR ENTRY

> The next International Paris/Berlin Meetings will take place in Paris
in December 2000 and in Berlin in may 2001.

Call for entry is open for film cycles, 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8, and
video, with any restrictiction for length or type ; and for
installation, performance, multimedia creation and sound creation.

> experimental film > fiction > documentary > video art > experimental
video > animation movie > super 8 / 16 mm / 35 mm / video >  short
length / middle lenght / long lenght
> sound installation >  cinema installation >  video installation >
multimedia installation
> action > performance >  intervention >  debate
> interactive writing > network action >  forum >  real time >  cιdιrom
>  art on ligne
> sound creation > lecture >  sound poetry >  experimental music >
concert projection

Deadline for proposals : September the 30th, 2000

Paris/Berlin International Meetings
51 rue Montorgueil
75002 Paris

Web site:
Tel: +33 1 40 26 66 34
Fax: +33 1 42 33 36 44


Paris/Berlin International Meetings #4 : PRESENTATION


Paris/Berlin Festival #4 is a transdisciplinary action, favorizing
contemporary creation in the movie, video, installation art, happening
and sound creation fields.
This non commercial event is organized by roARatorio, a non profit
organisation ruled by the 1901 french law within artistic and cultural
aim, whose Paris and Berlin staff guarantee functionning and

> The next International Paris/Berlin Meetings will take place in Paris
in December 2000 and in Berlin in may 2001.

Anterior presentations
> Festival #1 - Paris : August 20-22, 1997 - Action Christine Movie
> Festival #2 - Berlin : December 3-9 1998 - Brotfabrik center
> Festival #3 - Paris : June 10-22, 1999 - Cerise, Action Christine
Odιon movie theatre, Ensba-National Superior School of Fine Arts in
Paris, Public, Jean Dame movie theatre,
Fnac-Les-Halles Auditorium, Stock


> The programming of films and videos unites short, medium and
full-length films, experimental movies, video art, documentaries,
animated films, on super 8, 16 mm, 35 mm and video.
Paris/Berlin Festival #4 proposes to its public films made by
independent film directors, by cinema school students, by directors
working outside any institutional network, films made in 'classical'
production, as well as films made by famous directors and artists who,
by the spirit of their approach, their committment and their research,
take part actively in the progress of the visual arts.

> The programming of «multimedia, interventions and installations»,
opened to plastic art, unites performance, happening, action, happening
with projection, concert live with projection, sound poetry, sound
installation, video installation, art on line and CD-Rom. The
contribution of these different language is to be taken in
consideration. Their copresence during the Paris/Berlin Festival #4 will
enable the public to re-situate the film projection inside the history
of visual art which is in permanent progress.

> Debates, each day, will center around a particular guest: artists and
directors, art and cinema critics, writers, academics and others
actively engaged in the arts and culture.


Each day's program will mix various cycles, fields, styles and
techiques, around topics favoring dialogs.
Cinema and video cycles:

Film & vidιo cycles:
> Experimental Film - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8
> Video art / Experimental video - All video formats
> Fiction / Full-length films - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8 and video
> Fictions / short, medium length - 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8 and video
> Documentaries - All support
> Animation movie - All support

Other Cycles:
> Intervention - performance art, happening, intervention
> Installation - sound, cinema, video and multimedia
> Interactive writing - Network happening, forum, net art, CD-rom, real
time interaction
> Sound creation - Lecture, sound poetry, experimental music, concert
projection, sound creation
> Debates


The programme will be presented in different places geographicly closed.
We want to propose to the public a circulation between different places
in the urban space.

> Projections
The projection rooms will be presented the whole cinema, most of the
video programme, all the discussions and concert-projections.

> Spaces for video on monitor
In this places video works will be showed using computer or TV-monitor,
and multimedia works created and broadcasted on Internet or on CD-Roms.
In this places, works will be shown continuously.

> Spaces for installations
In this places will be devoted to cinema, video and multimedia
installations. In this places, works will be shown continuously.

> Intervention, concerts and performances
Those interventions will take place all over the places.

> Video-library and sound-library
A video library for consultation on demand will be proposed to the
public. It will present all the films and videos of the programming
authorized by their authors. A sound library for consultation on demand
will be proposed.


Paris/Berlin International Meetings
51, rue Montorgueil - 75002 Paris
Tιl : ++ 33 1 40 26 66 34
Fax : ++ 33 1 42 33 36 44

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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 10:22:29 -0700
From: "Wilkerson, Richard" <>
Subject: The Virtual Reality Survey : DreamGate survey of the changing
  meaning of  "virtual"

The Virtual Reality Survey :
DreamGate survey of the changing meaning of  "virtual"

__ please return to


What is virtual and virtual reality?  Is it a computer mediated environment
that simulates landscapes we in which we feel immersed, or a process by
which humankind has always been progressing in which we are able to extend
our influence and confluence beyond our normal range and scope?  Are
virtual relationships unreal, or the next evolutionary step in higher
consciousness?  How has the Internet influenced the concept of the virtual?

The authors of this survey have been involved in studying various forms of
virtual reality and virtual interaction. We have noticed the use of the
word "virtual" is in flux, and many groups use the term in different
ways.  This survey is designed to bring out the uses and of the word, as
well as to gather in the various understanding of the concept in the early
21st Century.


If you would like to be notified when the survey results are published,
please enter your e-mail address here.  All **** e-mail addresses will be
kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than
notifications about the Virtual Reality survey.

send to

You are also invited to join the Virtual Community Mailing List


The DreamGate Virtual Reality Survey:
Please give your understanding or definition to any or all of the following
words and concepts:

Virtual  :

Virtual reality  :

Virtual reality (VR)  :

Virtual realism  :

Virtuality   :

Virtualization of the individual   :

Virtualization of culture   :

Virtualization of living/working space   :

Virtual community   :

Virtual workplace   :

Virtual organization (Company)   :

Virtual relationship   :

Virtual space   :

Virtual sex   :

Virtual vs actual   :

Virtual vs realized   :

Virtual vs non-virtual   :

Virtual Space vs Cyberspace   :

Virtual presence (and its responsibilities and status)   :

Other comments on the current definition and uses of the word "virtual" :

**** e-mail  (must enter if you want notification about the results)
Political Party:
Your interest in Virtual Reality:

__ please return to

This survey is sponsored by:
Richard Wilkerson
4644 Geary Blvd  PMB 171
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: (415) 221-3239
Fax: (425) 984-9630

Permission granted to distribute this survey both online and offine.  2000

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From: Lorenz Helbling <>
Subject: ShanghART at ART BASEL
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 13:54:35 +0800

ShanghART is the first gallery from China to participate at  Art Basel,  
the leading fair for modern and contemporary art.

Presenting: ZHOU TIEHAI 

in Art Statements

# H03, hall 2.1 (second floor, main hall)

June 21-26


Shanghai, June 16, 2000; ShanghART Gallery, is the first gallery from
China to exhibit at Art Basel, the leading international fair for modern
and contemporary art.

ShanghART participates at Art Basel with a solo presentation of Shanghai
based artists ZHOU TIEHAI in 'Art Statements'. 

260 galleries from all over the world applied for the 27 places in Art
Statements, Art Basel's section for new galleries and 'cutting-edge'
artists. ShanghART is one of only three galleries from Asia in this

ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, is a pioneer for contemporary art in China.
Since 1996 ShanghART has been presenting many of the most interesting
artists of this country. Many held their first solo exhibition at
ShanghART. The gallery has been working with curators and institutions
from all over the world, has produced a series of catalogues and
maintains an extensive website ( which documents the
works of the artists and informs about our activities.

ZHOU TIEHAI (born 1966) lives and works in Shanghai. He uses a wide
variety of media including painting, photography, video etc. to create
his 'visualized strategies' (term used by Harald Szeemann on awarding
the main CCAA prize - Contemporary Chinese Art Award -, to Zhou Tiehai
in 1999). 

Zhou Tiehai is a 'singular figure in the Chinese art world, his amalgam
of "exotic" images and ironic statements, are poignant sarcasm directed
at power plays in the international artistic, cultural and commercial
exchanges.'  (Hou Hanru in Flash Art)  

At Art Basel Art Statements  Zhou Tiehai will show 3 new works from his
PLACEBO series. The airbrushed 'Placebos'are large hanging motorized
scrolls. They automatically roll up and down to show different pictures
when the viewers press a button. 

The first PLACEBOS have been successfully tested in Shanghai (at the
exhibition "Don't worry about making mistakes", ShanghART, October

Zhou Tiehai EXHBITIONS: 48th Biennale of Venice 1999; Biennale of Maya,
Portugal, 1999; Kunsthal, Rotterdam, 1998; Brushholder Value,
Westfaelischer Kunstverein, Muenster, 1998; Cities on the Move,
Secession, Vienna etc. 1998/99; Medialization, 1998; An other Long
March, Breda, Holland, 1997; Shisheido Gallery, Tokyo,

Solo Exhibitions 2000: Hara Museum, Sept. 9, Schloss Morsbroich, autumn
2000 Publications:  Cream (Phaidon Press, 1998), ZOO No. 2 (Purple
House, 1999)

---- For further information please contact ShanghART at, or have a look at our website

ShanghART,   2A Gaolan  Shanghai  200020  P.R. China
Tel: (86-21) 6359 3923  Fax: (86-21) 6359 4570

if you would not like to receive our announcements in future
please reply to  with
unsubscribe in the subject line

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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 12:05:57 +0000
From: Oliver Ressler <>
Subject: "The global 500" continues...

In a way of course a statement like "We believe in being the best
employer, recognizing our employees as our greatest asset, preparing
them to be the best, expecting the best from them...", in a way this is
part of traditional kinds of ways that large companies are always
marketing themselves, in terms of both recruiting people as well as
general corporate public relations that show that they believe in
excellence. The term "being the best" - especially in the US - is
everybody’s code-word. Everybody wants to be excellent, you must pursue
excellence and the best business is of course competitive. Because in
this world of uncertainty and technical complexity you want to keep and
find very good people. 

And in that sense it is a surprise, it is not in the old-fashioned sense
false statements, they are not ideological distortions. 
They are generally representing not just an image - as we used to say
"this is the image of the company" - but it is also a strategy that it
is a way of telling people to come to us, and "you will be the best".
(Arjun Appadurai in the video: "The global 500", 76 min., 1999)

"The global 500" is a travelling show about economic globalization and
transnational companies and is realized in the following exhibitions: 

"What, How and for Whom"
HDLU - Croatian Association of Artists 
Trg hrvatskih velikana bb
HR - 10 000 Zagreb 
June 16 - July 10, 2000

Centre Brussels 2000, floor 4A,B & 5A, Rue de l’Ecuyer 50
B - 1000 Brussels
June 30 - July 30, 2000 

"The global 500" has already been realized in Galerie Stadtpark, Krems
(A), W139, Amsterdam (NL), O.K - Center for Contemporary Art, Linz (A)
and Truck - Centre for Contemporary Art, Calgary (CAN).
publication: Oliver Ressler: "The global 500", Edition Selene, 112 p.,
German/Engl., ISBN: 3-85266-108-0

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Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 19:38:38 +0200
From: garage <>
Subject: open source-architecture-workshop

please feel free to forward this

call for entries
(german version below)

real escape - urban planning / architecture as open source
workshop with Ulrich Koenigs (Cologne) and 2ndfloor (London)
from August 7 to August 14, 2000 in Stralsund, Germany


real escape is as an open workshop part of the festival garage from 
August 7 to August 14, 2000. The garage, which takes place this year 
for the fourth time, is a platform for art and culture.
The festival's topic in this year is open source - as an attempt of 
the practical conversion of a primarily theoretical statement beyond 
the software context. The possibilities as well as the boundaries of 
an abstract principle are to be fathomed, illustrated or also 
rejected. There are several events/projects planned, which 
practically test this idea from different perspectives:

play ground

Stralsund is an old Hanseatic town at the Baltic Sea with an offshore 
port island and approximately 63,000 inhabitants. The medieval town 
centre is completely surrounded by water. In relation to a strong 
development within the outside areas, the city centre indicates a 
small density of inhabitants and infrastructure; the old substance is 
interspersed with reconstructions, investment objects, socialist 
planning and many fallows.
The matrix of the town with its public spaces, net lines and nodal 
points indicates substantially and by programme many blank spots and 
free spaces which ask to act. To deplore fallow and incompleteness 
thereby not as lack but to use as a potential in order to reveal 
possibility forms and need structures, are the basic thought.

test field

real escape is to find via the model open source communication forms 
which enable concrete acting. Target of the workshop is not to sketch 
a land development structure, but rather are the users to develop, 
outline and negotiate (new) functions, programmes, institutions, 
events for self selected areas of the old part of the town - as 
possible entries into the available matrix. No boundaries are to be 
set to the fantasy for primarily inconceivable ideas, however, the 
entries are to be tested on their feasibility, i.e. questions about 
acting persons, interest overlaps or conflicts, financing and 
possibilities of other support are part of the idea development.

The workshop will be presented by Ulrich Koenigs (Cologne) and 
2ndfloor, Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer (London).
Ulrich Koenigs developed the theory "Open Source. Divercity. 
Strategies for the development of  urban space." which basicallsy 
describes urban planning as an open source process.
The work of 2ndfloor also concentrates on new methods of planning and 
developing which understand town as a complex system.

real escape understands itself as an open source project and wants to 
light up the chances and consequences for parties involved in a 
(urban) planning process. The workshop addresses therefore especially 
architects and urban planners, is however open for everyone 
interested. The number of participants is limited on 20. We ask for 
an informal application.
The application should be sent until the beginning of July 2000 and 
will be acknowledged in time. The workshop fee will be DM 200 
(accommodation, breakfast, basics).

Carsten Stabenow
Goehrener Str. 13
10437 Berlin
+49 (0) 30/441 20 15 or


real escape - Stadtplanung als open source
Architekturworkshop mit Ulrich Koenigs (Koeln) und 2ndfloor (London)
vom 7.8.-14.8.00 in Stralsund


real escape ist als offener Workshop Teil des Festivals garage vom 7. 
bis zum 14. August 2000.
Die garage, die dieses Jahr zum vierten Mal stattfindet, ist 
Plattform fuer Kunst und Kultur.
Fuer das Festival in diesem Jahr wurde das Thema open source 
ausgeschrieben - als Versuch der praktischen Umsetzung eines 
zunaechst theoretischen Ansatzes ueber den software-Kontext hinaus. 
Es sollen Moeglichkeiten, aber auch Grenzen eines abstrakten Prinzips 
ergruendet, dargestellt oder auch verworfen werden. Geplant sind 
verschiedene Veranstaltungen/Projekte, die diesen Ansatz aus 
unterschiedlicher Perspektive praktisch erproben.


Stralsund ist eine alte Hansestadt an der Ostsee mit vorgelagerter 
Hafeninsel und ca. 63.000 Einwohnern. Der mittelalterliche Stadtkern 
ist vollstaendig von Wasser umgeben. Gegenueber einer starken 
Entwicklung in den aeusseren Bereichen weist die Innenstadt eine 
geringe Dichte an Bewohnern und Infrastruktur auf; die alte Substanz 
ist durchsetzt mit Sanierungen, Investitionsobjekten, sozialistischen 
Planungen und vielen Brachen.
Die Matrix der Stadt mit ihren oeffentlichen Raeumen, Netzlinien und 
Knotenpunkten weist substantiell und programmatisch viele Leerstellen 
und Freiraeume auf, die zum Handeln einladen. Brache und Unfertigkeit 
dabei nicht als Mangel zu beklagen, sondern als Potential zu nutzen, 
um Moeglichkeitsformen und Beduerfnisstrukturen offenzulegen, ist 


real escape soll ueber das Modell open source Kommunikationsformen 
finden, die konkretes Handeln ermoeglichen. Ziel des Workshops ist 
nicht, eine Bebauungsstruktur zu entwerfen, sondern vielmehr sollen 
die Teilnehmer fuer selbst gewaehlte Bereiche der Altstadt (neue) 
Funktionen, Programme, Institutionen, Ereignisse entwickeln, 
darstellen und verhandeln - als moegliche Eintraege in die vorhandene 
Matrix. Der Phantasie fuer zunaechst Unvorstellbares sollen keine 
Grenzen gesetzt sein, jedoch sollen die Eintraege auf ihre 
Realisierbarkeit durchgespielt werden, das heisst Fragen nach 
handelnden Personen, Interessensueberschneidungen oder -konflikten, 
Finanzierung und Moeglichkeiten sonstiger Unterstuetzung Teil der 
Ideenentwicklung sein.

Der Workshop wird moderiert durch Ulrich Koenigs (Koeln) und 
2ndfloor, Marianne Mueller/Olaf Kneer (London). Von Ulrich Koenigs 
stammt die Theorie “open source. Divercity. Strategien zur 
Entwicklung des urbanen Raumes", die im wesentlichen Stadtplanung als 
einen open source-Prozess beschreibt.
Die Arbeit von 2ndfloor konzentriert sich auf neue Planungs - und 
Entwurfsmethodiken, die die Stadt als komplexes System verstehen.

real escape versteht sich als open source-Projekt und will die 
Chancen und Konsequenzen fuer die an einem (staedtebaulichen) 
Planungsprozess Beteiligten beleuchten. Der Workshop richtet sich 
daher vorrangig an Architekten und Stadtplaner, ist aber offen fuer 
alle Interessierten. Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer ist begrenzt auf 20. 
Wir bitten um eine kurze formlose Bewerbung. Die Anmeldung sollte bis 
Anfang Juli 2000 zugesandt werden und wird rechtzeitig schriftlich 
bestaetigt. Die Teilnahmegebuehr betraegt 200 DM (Uebernachtung, 
Fruehstueck, Basics).

Sind gespannt und freuen uns, von Euch zu hoeren.

Carsten Stabenow,
Goehrener Str. 13, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Rueckfragen: +49 (0)30 - 441 20 15 oder

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 01:44:13 +0200
From: Ralf Homann <>
Subject: type=radio~border=0 - first call for participation

type=radio~border=0 - first call for participation

the net/ether radio festival from Monday, July 3rd, 0:00 CETS
till Sunday, 9th July, 24:00 CETS -

organized by  'studio b11' -




type=radio~border=0, the festival will take place for seven days 24
a day. During that week the attention will be focused to three main
aspects, which are

- the connecting of  local FM-service area and the world wide web.

- the flexibility of residence

- the streaming medium and its possibility to broadcast together with
  other net radio stations and individuals and experiment with its


'studio b11' will offer its local FM-frequency for programm, which is
directed to 'studio b11' via internet. For that we going make use of the

software "frequency-clock" developed by new zealand artists of


Every night we will move out of our studio to make a 'jour fixe' and
broadcast from another location, which will be once for example the
of the county (Landkreis) of Weimar. Facing the fact that German State
forbid refugees to cross these local borders without police permit, to
restrict the political, cultural and social life.


Further on everybody is invited to participate on our mixing/remixing
which will be hold with other net radio stations and individuals around
world, for example on Friday evening Radio Home Run and Tetsuo Kogawa,

Basic schedule (programm changes included):

6:00 - 8:00 CET 'turn table gymnastic' and early morning exercises

8:00 - 14:00 CET 'classix' and sounds sized in 650 MB

14:00 - 20:00 CET 'atelier' and listening bar

20:00 - 6:00 CET 'jour fixe' and mechanized radio

For more details in participation, current-events and scheduling,

please send an email to


the ground staff of experimental radio at bauhaus-university, weimar,
eastern germany

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From: "Chris Drew" <>
Subject: ART-ACT Notes 21b
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 23:22:33 -0500

To unsubscribe from ART-ACT Notes simply reply with
unsubscribe in the Subject line. 21b

ART-ACT Notes 21b

1) ART-ACT Art Submissions
2) Racism Places U.S. Scientist in Cruel Confinement
3) Link to Editorial Cartoons on the Amadou Diallo Case.
4) ART ACT Unearths ART ATTACK on Internet.

Check out "Tolerance between Cultures" by Rui Bernardini Azenha - submitted
to ART-ACT at

Check out "All the Same Under the Skin" by Pat Apt -
 submitted to ART-ACT at

an editorial by C. Drew

The latest developments at the Los Alamos Lab illustrate how racism hurts us
all by blinding us to real issues and dangers. Right wingers have rattled
the bones of rumored stolen secrets that occurred during the Republican
Administrations of the 80's to unnerve the Clinton Administration. They are
employing the old "Yellow Peril" scare tactics. The panic reaction they have
created has placed an innocent scientist, Wen Ho Lee, into cruel solitary

As it turns out, the information right wingers claim to be stolen has been
proven to be available in several unsecured locations on other government
sites ( ). There is
not a shred of evidence that Mr. Lee did anything more than work on a
network computer using only password protections to prevent unwarranted
access or took work home with him. Yet, today he is jailed and held in
solitary confinement reserved for the most violent of criminals ).

Clarence Page in his syndicated column appearing in the Chicago Tribune
(6/14/00) asks "Why, for example, is Wen Ho Lee jailed while former CIA head
John Deutch is walking around free?"

Mr. Page explains, "Both allegedly violated security laws by taking
classified computer files home and keeping them in unsecured locations.

... the computer files at the heart of the case (against Mr. Lee) were not
given the crucial "secret" or "confidential" security classifications, as
the indictment against him alleges, until after he was fired."

This Asian-American intellectual rots in jail after serving this country
well for 38 years while someone else, perhaps a real thief, in the same Los
Alamos Lab has stolen or "misplaced" two hard-drives with truly sensitive
information. After all the fuss over security, as reflected in the extreme
treatment of Mr. Lee, 26 Nuclear Emergency Search Team members were allowed
to enter and leave the top secret area where the hard-drives are stored
without so much as a signature. Once security clearance was determined, they
had unescorted access to the vault. They were able to open the locks to
access the hard-drives alone as if not one of the 26 was human enough to
ever be compromised. Once the news of the missing drives came out Rep. Bart
Stupack (D-Mich) noted his local library protects Winnie the Pooh books more
than Los Alamos does our national secrets - library books require a
signature. This practice goes back long before the present administration.

We need to require that sensible, clear security procedures be developed and
adhered to across the board so that common practice does not land one person
in jail and another at the head of an agency. The "good ol' boys" on the
Nuclear Emergency Search Team are obviously not more trustworthy than Mr.
Lee, yet none of them are in jail. We need to demand Wen Ho Lee's release
while awaiting trial. This is proof that racism is dangerous to our national
interests by allowing us to avoid the real issues. It's a matter of Human
Rights. Racist, inhumane, scapegoating is not a solution. Strict common
sense procedures are. Set Mr. Lee free.


To see a dozen or so editorial cartoons on Police brutality visit

ART ACT Unearths ART ATTACK on Internet.

A racist rock group insults the name of art with its event billed as an ART
ATTACK. This event took place at the University of Maryland the same day
presented a paper to the "Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace Conference." As I
explained how we were using community art to build a "Cyber Center" for a
community of diversity on the Internet - a controversy boiled across the
campus regarding this band and students were mobilizing to protest this
example of racism on Campus.

I knew little of that day. Some reference was made to it by someone as the
day begun for us on campus but its significance was not discussed. Later
after I had delivered my paper and the conference was over I sat on campus
with my wife waiting for a ride to dinner to arrive. Pople were walking
toward the area of the event - the ART ATTACK. It was little more than a
band stand with a ton of equipment. I wondered what made this an 'ART
ATTACK." I wondered about the use of such a military image to describe the

While researching the Wen Ho Lee editorial I found the link below and
realized I had missed a chance to hand out literature on our website and to
make solid contacts with an Asian-American college community and other

In a Post-Protest Report by Tanya M. Lee on May 8, 2000 at the above link
she explains the protest was very successful and states "...It is time to
show that we, the "silent" minority, will no longer remain silent, no longer
be apathetic, and no longer allow oppression to occur. Whether it is on our
campuses, in our workplaces, or any environment we may be a part of daily,

So, now, post-performance, I sit here and challenge you. I challenge those
who have been active in your respective communities to go beyond your
comfort zone and help other minorities. What affects one community, affects
us all...and a coalition speaks is more powerful and speaks much louder
(especially in the name of diversity... INTERACTION!!). For those who became
active because of this controversy, I challenge you to remain active...."

  The On-Going Story of Community Art
 (will return in ART-ACT Notes 21)

It is important for me to continue this story of what went into building
Yes the story is long because estimates are that an artist in this nation is
luck if she or he may gain support before the age of forty-five with many
never finding favor and many more dying verious deaths along the way. What
do we have to do to create more opportunities for artists to survive and
contribute to their verious audiences and communities.

Tune - in for next episode and keep checking out the ART-ACT art.

 Chris Drew
 Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center   We dress Chicago and the
 Internet in t-shirt art.  Come get some! 773/561-7676

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From: "Conor McGarrigle" <>
Subject: Fw: Sculptors' Society of Ireland- Tonic. submissions invited
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 10:30:53 +0100

>Hi, The Sculptors' Society of Ireland run a (seasonal) live art and
>social event called tonic.At the moment we are looking for submissions
>for our summer event, to take
>place on the 1st July at the City Art Center Dublin.  We are looking
>for submissions in the areas of - sound, performance, video and
>projection.  our website is at, information on
>tonic is to be found in the newsletter section and opportunities
>section. People can contact us directly at e mail:
> phone:    8722296/ 8722364/ 8782686 address:
>119 Capel St, D 1 Ireland.

>Or please pass on this notice to suitable candidates or suggest particular
>artists for this event.
>Tonic is open to emerging artists, recent graduates and established artists
>nationally and internationally.
>Hope to hear from you,
>Neva Elliott,
>Suzanne Geraghty,
>Tonic Co-ordinator.

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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 00:37:35 +1000 (EST)
From: McKenzie Wark <>
Subject: 12 New Jobs Available at Social Change - pass it on! (fwd)

"We no longer have roots, we have aerials."
 -- McKenzie Wark 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 17:17:49 +1000
From: Sean Kidney <>
Subject: 12 New Jobs Available at Social Change - pass it on!

Use your skills for social change!


You need strategic planning and relationship building skills combined 
with creative flair, to manage key client campaigns.  Experience in 
managing budgets, clients and creative processes a must.

Suitable for new communications graduate.  You need to learn fast, 
have initiative and be able to handle responsibility. Experience in 
print management, media liaison and dealing with suppliers a plus.

Send CVs+two referees to, fax: 02 9519 
8940, post: Social Change, Locked Bag 199, Annandale 2038. Deadline 
21 June 2000


manage web production and design; managing client relation ships

extensive HTML and web experience,javascript, commitment to www 
standards; Perl, Java, interest in social change.

P.R. / PROJECT MANAGER (Superannuation/member services)
You need strategic planning and relationship building skills, along 
with good print project management experience. Experience in managing 
budgets, clients and creative processes a must. Superannuation 
knowledge an advantage.

Send CVs to or fax 02 9642 3977


Support team members manage clients and projects; lead the team to new heights.

Manage web production and design; experienced coordinating multiple 
websites in production.

Help us with everything from documenting our tech work and creating 
user-friendly manuals to producing services information for our 
clients. Relevant experience essential.

Java + Dbs + data handling + XML. Work on content syndication, 
multi-platform presentation.

UNIX/Linux; disaster recovery, backup, capacity planning, external 
clients systems, managing people.

Extensive HTML and web experience, javascript, commitment to www 
standards; Perl, Java, interest in social change.

Experience with spreadsheets, HR info systems, records maintenance. 
Help us meet our staff needs.

Send CVs to or fax 02 9519 8940

Sean Kidney	Social Change Australia
Director	Social Change Online
		Social Change Media
		Pluto Press Australia

Solutions for a Better World

t: +61 (0)2 9519 3299
f: +61 (0)2 9519 8940
m: 0416 235 595

You can buy Pluto Press books from

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:42:04 +0100
From: Arie van Schutterhoef <>
Subject:  Re: (OT)[ANNOUNCE] "The Day"

        T H E    D A Y

-performance and sound sculture -

Schreck Ensemble (Amsterdam) & sound artist Hans van Koolwijk

 Saturday, 24. Juni 2000, at 20:00
 Kunsthaus Essen
 Rόbezahlstraίe 33, 45134 Essen
 Telephone: 00-49-201 / 44 33 13, Fax: 00-49- 201 / 47 22 41

 In collaboration with Gesellschaft fόr Neue Musik Ruhr
 Information: Leslie Olson, Gesellschaft fόr Neue Musik Ruhr
 00-49-201/4901082 o. 00-49-170/2007155)

" The Day" is a symbol for the awareness that time plays an
important role in human activities and developments
In one space two extreme worlds are confronted with each other.
On one side stands a dense forest of bamboo pipes: the Bambuso
Sonoro , Hans van Koolwijk's instrument. On the other side the
advanced technology with computers, mixing consoles and other
auxilary equipment of the Schreck-Ensemble.

For the performance of the live-electronics extensive use
is being made of SuperCollider for signal processing and
synthesis purposes and Max is doing the quadraphonic
spatializationon a Yamaha digital mixer.

Additional sound materials were created with Csound, SoundHack
and MetaSynth.


             Arie van Schutterhoef
             Schreck Ensemble
             # -laboratory for live electro-acoustic music- #

             Tel: 00-31-71-5612287          Fax: 00-31-70-3859268


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