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YU     From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
       Subject: Conscientious Objection in Serbia
ES        From: "Pablo Anderen" <>
          Subject: love by social induction
CH           From: Yvonne Volkart <>
             Subject: opening Shedhalle, July 1
DE                 From: Oliver Grau <>
                   Subject: TELEPRESENCE - ART - TELEPISTEMOLOGY
NY          From:
DE                       From:
                         Subject: 4d-art-works
RU               From: "Ivan Zassoursky" <>
                 Subject: come see the sun
IT            From: "Cesare Pietroiusti" <>
              Subject: I: 6/21 'Define "context"' events at Apex
OR          From:
            Subject: [TAM MONITOR]
MK                  From: "Zoran Petrovski" <>
                    Subject: Urbanities
SI        From: "Marina Grzinic" <>
          Subject: Presentation of the book by Grzinic on postsoc art and media
DL               From: Dead Letter Office <>
                 Subject: Dead Letter Update
AT                         From: eva/superchannel <>
                           Subject: live on superchannel vienna
NY                From: Diane Ludin <>
                  Subject: [Fwd: Performance Research/Call for Proposals]
SI          From: Miran Mohar <>
            Subject: Interpol-The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West
UK            From: Tom McCarthy <>
              Subject: International Necronautical Society AGM - press release
UK       From: plagiarist <>
         Subject: [tech_nicks] Special announcement: presentation
SI               Subject: (Fwd) M A N I F E S T A  3
                 From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
HU     From: Nina Czegledy <> (by way of Eric Kluitenberg)
       Subject: Invitation to join digibodies/Synapse

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From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 09:28:30 -0400
Subject: Conscientious Objection in Serbia

Lepa Mladjenovic of Belgrade Women in Black just ended her visit 
to the States ( She left 
me "The Objection", magazine for conscientious objection and anti-
militarism, #6 from May 2000, published by Women in Black. The 
letters of young Serbs drafted against their will and sent to the 
frontline at various stages of the war, are striking. Little details that 
so far did not reach international public, or Serbian public for that 
matter. The magazine is available only in Serbian. I am going to 
translate one story and post it soon. I am curious if somebody else 
want to do the same. Drop me a line.


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From: "Pablo Anderen" <>
Subject: love by social induction
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 20:51:35 +0200

love by social induction

have you ever ask yourself WHY you love that person?

i don't wanna be loved in this way

love by social induction

your own image could be in danger, so then...

self advertising


ask for diplomatic advisement

don't sleep beside him/her

until friday in

Do You Yahoo!?
Consiga gratis su dirección en

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 22:19:42 +0200
From: Yvonne Volkart <>
Subject: opening Shedhalle, July 1

Widerspenstige Praktiken
im Zeitalter von Informations- und Biotechnologien

Ausstellung Shedhalle Zuerich, 1. Juli bis 6. August 2000

Beginn der Konferenz: Samstag, 1. Juli, 19 Uhr
Ausstellungseröffnung: 22 Uhr

Informations- und Biotechnologien spielen zunehmend eine universalisierende
Rolle und beeinflussen unsere Ideen von Subjektivitaet und (politischer)
Handlungsfaehigkeit. Auch die Kunstszene traegt diesen Prozessen Rechnung
und widmet sich vermehrt digitalen Themen. Unbeachtet bleibt dabei haeufig,
dass neue Technologien neue (alte) Ideologien und Monopolisierungen
»Widerspenstige Praktiken« praesentiert auf der Ebene von Ausstellung und
Diskussionen Projekte, MedienaktivistInnen, -künstlerInnen und
-theoretikerInnen, die in der digitalen Szene seit Jahren schon als
VertreterInnen eines produktiven und kritischen Engagements in Erscheinung
getreten sind.

»Widerspenstige Praktiken« zeigt auf, dass es einen avancierten Umgang mit
neuen Medien jenseits technodeterministischer Zwaenge gibt.

Getragen vom Soundsampling von Jennifer & Kevin Mc Coy, der
Ausstellungsarchitektur Lehti Kuwas und den einzelne Projekten versteht
sich die Ausstellung als Verkoerperung einer symbolisch-virtuellen Zone, in
der sich widerspenstige AgentInnen, bildhafte Datenstroeme und Maschinen
temporaer vernetzen.

Basicray (New York)
Ursula Biemann (Zürich)
Natalie Bookchin (Los Angeles)
Natalie Bookchin & Alexei Shulgin (Moskau)
Bureau of Inverse Technology (global)
Ricardo Dominguez (New York)
Johan Grimonprez (Gent/New York)
Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid (Ljubljana)
Kristin Lucas (New York)
Diane Ludin (New York)
Jennifer & Kevin Mc Coy (New York)
Francesca da Rimini & Michael Grimm (Adelaide, Australia)
Rtmark (USA)
Lehti Kuwa (Zürich)
Cornelia Sollfrank (Hamburg)

Gastkuratorin: Yvonne Volkart

Vortraege mit Diskussion

19 Uhr
Einführung, Yvonne Volkart

Going nowhere: luna 10 & other satellite garbages, Marina Grzinic

Hacktivismus in Italien, Videopraesentation, Marco Deseriis, The Thing, Rom

BioTaylorism: A MicroSoft PowerPoint(TM) presentation, RTMark


Extended Media Object, Vladimir Muzhesky, Basicray

Software = Mind Control: Get Some, Matthew Fuller, I/O/D, London,
Zusammenarbeit mit Mongrel, London

22 Uhr: Ausstellungseroeffnung

Commissioned by Swiss Institute und Annette Schindler
Raumvideos: Paul Greenhaw, New York

Pro Helvetia, British Council, IFA

Shedhalle Zürich, Rote Fabrik, Seestr. 395, 8038 Zürich
Tel +41 1 481 59 50
Oeffnungszeiten: Mi-So: 21 - 23.30 Uhr

Yvonne Volkart   Riedtlistrasse 30   CH-8006 Zuerich
fon/fax 0041 1 362 41 09  e-mail:

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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 08:59:52 +0200
From: Oliver Grau <>

The Robot in the Garden: 
          Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet 

                                 Edited by Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley 

           This page: 


           Table of Contents 

              1.Introduction: The Unique Phenomenon of a Distance 
                Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley, Engineering 
              2.Eden by Wire: Webcameras and the Telepresent Landscape 
                Thomas J. Campanella, MIT School of Architecture and


              3.Telepistemology : Descartes' Last Stand 
                Hubert Dreyfus, UC Berkeley, Philosophy 
              4.Vicariousness and Authenticity 
                Catherine Wilson, U. Alberta, Philosophy 
              5.Information, Nearness, and Farness 
                Albert Borgmann, U. Montana, Philosophy 
              6.Acting at a Distance and Knowing from Afar: 
                Agency and Knowledge on the Internet 
                Jeff Malpas, U. Tasmania, Philosophy 
              7.Telerobotic Knowledge: A Reliabilist Approach 
                Alvin Goldman, U. Arizona, Philosophy 

                Art, History, and Critical Theory 

              8.The Speed of Light and Virtualized Reality 
                Martin Jay, UC Berkeley, History 
              9.To Lie and to Act: Cinema and Telepresence 
                Lev Manovich, UCSD, Visual Arts Department 
             10.Dialogical Telepresence and Net Ecology 
                Eduardo Kac, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
             11.Presence, Absence, and Knowledge in Telerobotic Art 
                Machiko Kusahara, Kobe University 
             12.Exposure Time, the Aura, and Telerobotics 
                Marina Grzinic, Slovenian Academy of Science and Art 
             13.The History of Telepresence: Automata, Illusion, 
                and The Rejection of the Body 
                Oliver Grau, Humboldt-University Berlin, Art History 

                Engineering, Interface, and System Design 

             14.Feeling is Believing: A History of Telerobotics 
                Blake Hannaford, U. Washington, Electrical Engineering 
             15.Tele-Embodiment and Shattered Presence: Reconstructing the
	   Body for Online Interaction 
                John Canny and Eric Paulos, UC Berkeley, Computer Science 
             16.Being Real: Questions of Tele-Identity 
                Judith Donath, MIT Media Lab 
             17.Telepistemology, Mediation, and the Design of Transparent
                Michael Idinopulos, UC Berkeley, Philosophy 


             18.The Film and the New Psychology (1945) 
                Maurice Merleau-Ponty 

                Author Biographies 


           NPR Interview on Telepistemology (8.4MB .mpeg file) with John
Rieger of NPR: Beyond

           MIT Press homepage 

           Order a copy 

           For more information please contact Prof. Goldberg at 
 , or 510-643-9565. 

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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:55:22 EDT

NY Arts & Entertainment News
cordially invites you to attend the

[Unable to display image] 

4:00 - 10:00 P.M.
(East 23rd Street Marina @ The F.D.R. Drive, NYC)

to benefit


Includes:  Ringside Seats to Macy's Fireworks Extravaganza.  Scenic NYC 
Skyline & Riverview from Waterside Plaza.  Open Bar.  Scrumptious Dinner.   
Activities for the Kids.   Charity Auction and Raffle featuring Fabulous 
Items.  Entertainment.  DJ Daddy Neil spinning the Best R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, 
Salsa and House Music.  

Tax-deductible Tickets: $20 per person in advance; $30 @ door; $5 per child 
(over two years old).  Advance ticket purchase and early arrival recommended. 
 Be a Corporate Sponsor!  Donate a monetary gift, products or services valued 
at $500 or more and receive advertising to an elite audience and tickets for 
July 4th.

For Tickets, Sponsorship and more information, please call Penelope Bunn at 
(212) 725-9272.

RECOMMENDED.  Travel Directions:  Mass Transit: Any bus or train to 34th 
Street.  Take M-16 Bus "To Waterside" (on eastbound side of 34th Street) to 
last stop.  By Car: In Manhattan.  Take The Drive (Eastside Hwy.) to 23rd 
Street Exit.  See Gulf Gas Station.  Garage parking available @ Waterside for 
early birds ($15) or park in the Teens along First & Second Avenues.  As 
usual, our area is directly behind Building 40 on the Waterfront.  Ask 
Security for directions.  TO AVOID THE CROWD, PLAN TO ARRIVE BEFORE 6:00 P.M. 
 If you arrive after 6:00 P.M., our Hosts will meet you at the police 
barricade at 23rd Street & The F.D.R. Drive up until 8:00 P.M.   The Hosts 
will display NYAENEWS ID and escort you to the party site.  If you don't have 
a Ticket, you must present this invitation and purchase your Ticket(s) from 
GUARANTEED AFTER 8:00 P.M.                   

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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 18:16:30 +0200 (MEST)
Subject: 4d-art-works

here is stuff for u eyes ---

 :---)  sylvia klein

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From: "Ivan Zassoursky" <>
Subject: come see the sun
Date: 	Wed, 21 Jun 2000 01:44:36 +0400

this ritual is most recommended at night when you feel lonely or

it may also be used to switch the speed from that of the network to that =
of a body if you want to sleep.

animated GIFs take time to load - let your mind relax and enjoy the
journey.  be sure to click through.

come see the sun

brought to you by OSVOD

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From: "Cesare Pietroiusti" <>
Subject: I: 6/21 'Define "context"' events at Apex
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 14:54:59 -0500

-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: apexart <>
A: <>
Data: mercoledì 14 giugno 2000 18.36
Oggetto: 6/21 'Define "context"' events at Apex

>Wednesday, June 21, 6:30 pm
>Apex Art Curatorial Program
>291 Church Street (between Walker and White)
>NYC 10013
>212 431 5270
>Antonio Caro, who is finally here in New York to
>make his wall drawing "Homage to Manuel Quintín
>Lame" for the current exhibition "Define
>'context'", will speak about the work at Apex on
>June 21 at 7 pm.  The talk will be in Spanish and
>an English translator will be present.
>The evening will begin with a screening of the
>video "Legalizacion" - a humorous portrayal of the
>problem of drug enforcement policies (Spanish,
>with English subtitles).
>To learn more about the exhibition, please visit:

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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 00:19:11 EDT
Subject: [TAM MONITOR]

Alternative Museum launches its new online arts journal: 

TAM MONITOR is Alternative Museum's online arts journal, standing for media 
or news information technology open resource. 


(audio essays:) (courtesy
"Memory Urbanism + Cyberspace" -- Rem Koolhaas 
"Bandwidth in the Context of Contemporary Art" --Catherine David 
"Art + Intellectual Control in the Digital Age"--Patrick Lichty 

Carsten Nicolai: "20' to 2000" (courtesy

"New Forms: Contemporary Electronic Music in the Context of Art" (courtesy

Fakeshop: "The Human Use of Human Beings" 
Yael Kanarek: "World of Awe" 
Tina LaPorta: "Distance" 
Jenn & Kevin McCoy: "Airworld" 

(reviews:) (courtesy
"MTAA Report on's TOYWAR and Interview with Agent.NASDAQ" 
by MTAA (Mark River + Tim Whidden) 

"Gregory Green at Feigan Contemporary, M.I.T.A.R.B.U. (Mobile Internet, 
Television, and Radio Broadcast Unit)and Gregnik, an Alternative Space 
Program" by Jane Harris 

(art news:) (courtesy
"Newsgrist" bi-weekly subscriber-based newsletter by Joy Garnett 

TAM MONITOR complements the activities of the Alternative Museum as an 
Institution, by providing vital & living works, projects, events & news. We 
will soon be hosting a monthly series of webcast interviews, highlighting 
individuals & organisations who further our mission to initiate, support, 
present & preserve interdisciplinary arts & criticism. We invite viewers to 
participate in an open dialogue & become part of our global online arts 

Cristine Wang
New Media Initiatives
The Alternative Museum 
594 Broadway 
New York, NY  10012 

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From: "Zoran Petrovski" <>
Subject: Urbanities
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 12:16:46 +0200

Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje is kindly inviting you to the


to be held from June 21st through September 11th, 2000

Curated by Ami Barak, the exhibition Urbanities is exploring through the
works of 29 contemporary artists, that are in the collection of FRAC
Languedoc-Rousillon, global signs of urban living.

Angela Bulloch, Christine Borland, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Sophie Calle, Liam
Gillick, Douglas Gordon/Rikrit Tiravanija, Bill Owens, Lisa Milroy, Gabriel
Orozco, Daniel Pflumm, Annika von Hausswolff, Nedko Solakov, Philippe
Parreno, Philippe Cazal, Claude Closky, Graham Gussin, Fabrice Hybert, Peter
Kogler/Franz West, Ann-Veronica Janssens, Veronique Joumard, Bertrand
Lavier, Marylene Negro, Klaus Schreubel, Valerie Mrejen, Boris Mikhailov,
Andy Warhol.

Museum of Contemporary Art
P.O.Box 482
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
phone: (+389 91) 117-734, 117-735 fax: (+389 91) 110-123
e-mail: and

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From: "Marina Grzinic" <>
Subject: Presentation of the book by Grzinic on postsoc art and media, Ljubljana, 24.6. 2000
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:27:05 +0200

Presentation of the book



Written by  MARINA GRZINIC, Ljubljana Slovenia

Published by Edition selene, Vienna, 2000

In ENGLISH, 200 pages with reproductions

June 24, 2000 (Saturday) at 18.00, Club Egoeast, Metelkova complex, No. 
0 (on the Metelkova street) Ljubljana

In the book FICTION RECONSTRUCTED the point of departure is a difference 
between Eastern and Western Europe that I try to conceptualize 
philosophically, insisting on a difference - a critical difference 
within and not a special classification method marking the process of 
grounding differences. This book can be perceived as a radical 
theorization of a particular (Eastern European) position; here 
positioning means repoliticization.

The first part of the book focuses on selected artistic projects and
concepts by Mladen Stilinovic (Zagreb), Kasimir Malevich (Belgrade, 
1986), and the group Irwin (NSK) (Ljubljana), which were developed in 
the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and continue to function, 
develop, and mutate. These projects are read via dialectic positioning 
(i.e., thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis) within not only countries of 
the former Yugoslavia, but also Eastern Europe in general. They - not 
only visualize and conceptualize the processes of thought developed 
within new media and technology, but also conceptualize the system in 
itself and the operational logic of new media and technology. Within the 
framework and context of these works, it became possible to detect 
models of thought and perception, which allows one to question the 
visible and the political. Moreover, similar strategies are now being 
developed by new media technologies and interpreted philosophically and 
theoretically. Consequently, classical arts strategies and concepts have 
acquired a radically different meaning compared with this reversed media 

The second part of the book deals with political and ethical questions 
concerning processes of the de-visualization and re-articulation of 
space and time in relation to new media. The very process of negotiating 
the mutations of Post-Socialism requires the development of new visual 
and media strategies that problematize representation and 
self-representation. There is something very definite about the 
Post-Socialist 'Eastern European' condition condition - it produces a 
specific spectralization of representation, space and time. Set in 
relation to foreign Western European and American capital centers, the 
media events (i.e., virtual reality, the Internet, the 'media obsession' 
over the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc.) literally metastasized from 
day to day, opening up innumerable interpretations. Grzinic treats new 
media in an attempt to re-define certain fundamental concepts in the 
history of philosophy and theory, notably the subject, real/virtual, 
(public and media) space, in relation to the real war in 
Bosnia-Herzegovina and the virtual war of the subject with its so-called 
double in virtual environments.

FICTION RECONSTRUCTED offers a very detailed inquiry into specific 
Post-Socialist art and media strategies.

Marina Grzinic Mauhler (

is doctor of philosophy and works as researcher at the Institute of 
Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Center of the 
Slovenian Academy of Science and Art) in Ljubljana. She also works as a 
freelance media theorist, art critic and curator. Marina Grzinic has 
been involved with video art since 1982. In collaboration with Aina 
=A9mid she has produced more than 30 video art projects, a short film, 
numerous video and media installations, Internet websites and an =
interactive CD-ROM (ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany).

Marina Grzinic has published hundreds of articles and essays and 5 
books, including In a Line for Virtual Bread. Time, Space, the Subject 
and New Media in a Year 2000, Ljubljana 1996 and Zagreb 1999. In the 
year 2000 two of her essays were published, one for MIT Press and the 
other for Ablex Company: Grzinic, "Exposure Time, the Aura, and 
Telerobotics" in The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and 
Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet, ed. Ken Goldberg (Cambridge, 
Mass.: MIT Press, 2000) and Grzinic, "Strategies of Visualisation and 
the Aesthetics of Video in the New Europe" in Culture and Technology in 
the New Europe: Civic Discourse in Transformation in Post-Communist 
Nations, ed. Laura Lengel (London: Ablex Publishing Company, 2000).

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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 11:17:32 -0400
Subject: Dead Letter Update
From: Dead Letter Office <>

Dear friends,

Check out our latest update to the Dead Letter Office web site

Corporate mayhem, loving kindness, severed heads, and vending machine-side
kidnap. (Note: if you liked the Amazon letters posted to this b-board not
too long ago, there's more where that came from on our site).

Help us celebrate the Dead Letter writer in all of us and submit, children!
Wouldn't you like to see your name in darks? Next update: July 23. Keep
those letters pouring in!

Spoken true,
Ms. Patti Lyle Collins

Send submissions to this e-mail account or to:

The Dead Letter Office
P.O. Box 81236
Pittsburgh, PA  15217

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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 19:21:58 +0200
From: eva/superchannel <>
Subject: live on superchannel vienna

to be seen on /vienna


lenght: ca 12 min 30 sec
camera: 1 (hidden) high 8 camera
        1 (hidden) super vhs

on sunday the 21st of may 2000 Kasper König, a famous and highly
recommended german art curator (expo 2000, documenta..)
Marin Fritz, an also well known austrian curator and Jessica Beer, she
is in charge of the final exhibition of the Academy of fine arts Vienna
and for pr belongings of the academy visited the Master class of Renee
Green to decide which artworks will be presented in the final exhibition

(presspreview: tuesday 20th of june 2000 at 1100h in the
morning;official opening speech at 20:30 h the same day) the class
suggested to ask the curator(Kasper König) two questions, before
starting with the inspection of the art works, question one dealt with
the political situation in Austria in connection with the final
exhibition, the question was if there was any concept or even a focus on

the political status quo in austria...question number two asked the
curator, what he personally thinks about that he has to look at more
than 300 artworks in a two and a half days period of time(!), and then
has to decide in an objective and distanced way, whether the art work is

"good" or "bad"...
it seemed that these two questions had been enough for him, he only said

"..ich halte ihre Fragen für absurd" stood up and left the class with
the words "..wenn ihr wollt dass ich kucken soll, dann holt ich rein,
ich habe keine lust auf solche sachen". the situation escalated, a nice
discussion with co-curator Martin Fritz and public relation women
Jessica Beer followed. What the curator didn´t know was that he had been

taped all the time by two hidden camerasin class. what came out is a
documentary parody of the day a person called Kasper König entered the

cameras, editing, postproduction by harald scherz (19-6-2000)

additional information:
during the exhibition time between the 20th of june 2000 and the 7th of
july 2000 there will be various actions campaigns
against the hierachy of the curator system especially connected with the


final exhibition of the academy of fine arts vienna
(20th june - 7th july 2000)
atelierhaus der akademie der bildenden künste wien
mehrzwecksaal; 2.stock
lehargasse 6
1060 vienna
open from 1100- 1800 from mondays-saturdays

resistamce wear- because...
stand to reason

your personal reason for your personal resistance in Austria!
daily broadcast: 2o.oo pm
send your argument to: - tee_shirts with an attitude

Resistance must remain visible! a fashion label
created to position new public signs of resistance against the Fpoe and
their participation in the Austrian government and to encourage further
political activity by the Austrian “Internet-generation". Starting
Friday 16/o6/2ooo everyone can transmit his or her personal argument
against the Freedom party and the Austrian government via superchannel
into the www! more info:


der alte werte kanal - the old values channel
eine anthologie des schönen für den jahrmarkt der eitelkeiten an der
an anthology of beauty for the pre-kunsthalle vanity fair.

and much more is a tool that enables you to produce
internet TV with interaction by the viewers through chat and
discussion groups.

superchannel in Vienna
The studio is an open access situation, focusing on the current
political and democratic developments in Europe. Groups, institutes or
individuals that have a specific interest in the discussion can
broadcasts from here. We invite you to participate in the discussion
either through direct interaction during live shows, the discussion
groups or by making your own show.

We invite you to use the superchannel studio at kunsthalle Vienna in the

period 25 may until 17 september for your own activites and to get the
experience of webcasting, using the technology involved.

Visit the studio at kunsthalle vienna or book a broadcast via e-mail,
our e-mail is

do your own television show
superchannel studio in vienna
daily 17.00 - 22.00

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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 14:36:47 -0400
From: Diane Ludin <>
Subject: [Fwd: Performance Research/Call for Proposals]

date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:36:08 -0700
from: "Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc." <>
subject: Performance Research/Call for Proposals

Performance Research

'Departures' - Information for Contributors

'Departures' will be Volume 6, Issue 1 of 'Performance Research' and is to
be edited by Claire MacDonald

Deadlines are as follows:
Proposals                       1st July,  2000
Finalised Material              15th October, 2000
Publication Date                Spring 2001

Performance Research is seeking submissions for issue 6:1, Departures,
which will open our sixth year of publication and begin a critical and
creative enquiry into travel. Departures will be the first of three related
issues which engage with the migrations of people, performance and
performance cultures, which we hope will generate writing around differing
geographies and histories of travel and travelling performance in a
diversity of written and visual forms.

The editors are interested in contributions from scholars, writers and
artists which engage with a variety of critical and artistic points of
departure, and ways of thinking about the idea of 'departures' in the
widest sense of the term - both actual and metaphorical - and about
possible 'departures' within a variety of sites  and contexts -
geographical, political, theoretical and artistic.

As well as essays, interviews and documentation, we are looking for
collaborations between artists and critics, work that extends the
possibilities of the visual page, that situates critical work within a
visual context, or has links to other sites, actual and possible, such as
performances, netcasts, web sites, radio and gallery installations.

Potential writers with tentative ideas are invited to discuss them with
Claire MacDonald, the issue editor,  in advance of submitting a formal
proposal. E-Mail:

Please note that proposed submissions do not necessarily have to relate to
issue themes.  We actively welcome submissions on any area of performance
research, practice and scholarship.

Proposals and articles will be accepted on hard copy, disk or by e-mail and
should be sent to:

Clancy Pegg (Administrator)
Performance Research, Market Road, Cardiff, CF5 1QE, UK

Submission of an article to the journal will be taken to imply that it
presents original, unpublished work  not under consideration for
publication elsewhere.  By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that
the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article have been
given to the publishers.


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Performance Research
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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 10:46:43 +0200
From: Miran Mohar <>
Subject: Interpol-The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West

IRWIN, Moscow Art Magazin ter urednika vas vabijo na prestavitev nove

IRWIN, Moscow Art Magazin and editors would like to invite you to the
presentation of the new book

The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West

Uredila / Edited  by
Eda Cufer & Viktor Misiano

Izdala / Published by: IRWIN and Moscow Art Magazin

Predstavitev bo v soboto 24. junija ob 18.00 v klubu Egoeast, Metelkova
0, Ljubljana (bivša vratarnica vojašnice)

The presentation will take place on Saturday June 24 at 18.00 in the
club Egoeast, Metelkova 0, Ljubljana (very close to the exhibition place
of the Arteast 2000+ collection)

Today, Interpol is known mostly as the project where Alexander Brener
destroyed the work of art of Wenda Gu and where Oleg Kulik performed a
dog. And according to his role bit the spectators at the opening and, of
course, ended at the police station. Apart from this, Interpol is also
famous for an open letter, a document of protest, that some participants
of the project, the so-called "Western side," wrote against the attitude
of the members of the so-called Eastern side, and sent it to the world's
art community. So in the art world Interpol is probably also known as
the paradigmatic East-West issue project. How boring! The paradox,
however, is that when we, who created this project and participated at
it, finally leaving aside what came out of it, try to reconstruct the
narrative of what happened, inevitably have to conclude that our stories
are different, that our memory is unreliable, that there is no simple
solution to the problem.  This book is a collection of essays initiated
by the Interpol project.

more on

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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 13:52:26 +0100
From: Tom McCarthy <>
Subject: International Necronautical Society AGM - press release

>LUX Gallery, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1
>Sunday, June 25th, from 17:00
>Launched in 1999 with an already much-quoted manifesto declaring that
>'death is a type of space, which we intend to map, enter, colonise and,
>eventually, inhabit', the International Necronautical Society has set some
>of the finest minds of its generation to researching possible trajectories
>through culture, technology and the arts towards the death-space. At its
>first Annual General Meeting, Members of the First Committee will present
>their findings and table proposals for achieving the Society's ultimate
>goal of constructing 'a craft that will transport us into death in such a
>way that we may, if not live, then at least persist'. The Committee will
>table Motions, then pass Interim Resolutions. The AGM will be open to the
>public, and interventions from the floor will be taken during the debates.
>'Let us deliver ourselves over utterly to death, not in morbid resignation
>but rigorously, creatively, eyes and mouths wide open so that they may be
>filled from the deep wells of the Unknown!' [First Manifesto of
>Necronautism, 1999]
> for further info.
>et in necropia ego

Tom McCarthy
Mute Magazine

Tom McCarthy

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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 07:15:03 -0700
From: plagiarist <>
Subject: [tech_nicks] Special announcement: presentation

date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 20:04:22 -0000
from: Lina Russell <>
subject: [tech_nicks] Special announcement: presentation

Tech-nicks announces an extra event within the Living Mute weekend:

Saturday 24th June 16.00
Lux Gallery presentation: is an internet art site assembled from newly-refurbished
internet content. Using mix-n-match, process-based techniques,
plagiarist projects generate themselves continually. Amy Alexander, Director 
of Plagiarist Technologies, will present recycled art, talking bots, 
singing source code, and the making of projects from software stew. Projects
deal with corporate censorship, net culture, getting into trouble with
your own server, and other Fun Stuff. Something for everyone!

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From: "Ivo Skoric" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 10:49:35 -0400
Subject: (Fwd) M A N I F E S T A  3

Transborderline opened between Slovenia and Italy.

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
 M A N I F E S T A   3


 Ljubljana, Slovenia

 June 23rd - Sept 24th 2000

 To visit Manifesta website please click below:

 This summer, the third edition of MANIFESTA, European Biennial
 of Contemporary Art will take place in Ljubljana. Manifesta 3 opens
 on 23 June and will be hosted by the Slovene capital until 24 September 2000.

 Curators: Francesco Bonami, Ole Bouman, Mária Hlavajová and Kathrin Rhomberg

 Manifesta 3 will present the works of 59 European artists and artists’ groups:

 A-12, Adel Abdessemed, Pawel Althamer, Maja Bajevic, Simone Berti,
 Ursula Biemann, Roland Boden, Agnese Bule, Phil Collins, Joost Conijn,
 Josef Dabernig, Colin Darke, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, FAT,
 Urs Fischer, Nayia Frangouli & Yane Calovski, Marcus Geiger, De Geuzen,
 Amit Goren, Veli Grano, Pravdoljub Ivanov, Ivana Jelavic, Daniel Jewesbury,
 Sejla Kameric, Koo Jeong-a, Ian Kiaer, Edward Krasinski, Darij Kreuh,
 Denisa Lehocka, Alexander Melkonyan, Matthias Müller, Paul Noble,
 Anton Olshvang, Roman Ondak, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Adrian Paci, 
 Manfred Pernice, Diego Perrone, Susan Philipsz, Marjetica Potrc, 
 Arturas Raila, rasmus knud and Soeren Andreasen, Anri Sala, Bulent Sangar, 
 Sanna Sarva, Tomo Savic-Gecan, Schie 2.0, Ene-Liis Semper, Stalker, 
 Simon Starling, Skart, Nika Span, Nasrin Tabatabai, Joëlle Tuerlinckx,
 Sarah Tripp, Francisco Tropa, Sisley Xhafa, Gregor Zivic, Jasmila Zbanic


 RTV SLOVENIA: RTV Slovenia will broadcast three shows on Manifesta 3

 Opening hours:

 Preview days: 21 June to 25 June; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
 Exhibition: 26 June to 24 September; daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
 Sundays: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
 Closed on Mondays and on Tuesday, 15 August.

 For more information contact:

 Lili Sturm
 Phone: (+386 61) 1767 362 
 Fax: (+386 61) 1767 361            


To be removed from the e-flux mailing list write to,
please include the word "unsubscribe" in the subject field. 

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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:41:21 +0200
From: Nina Czegledy <> (by way of Eric Kluitenberg)
Subject: Invitation to join digibodies/Synapse

Sincere apologies for cross-postings.

Please join the digibodies online events including the SYNAPSE forum

PLEASE NOTE the digibodies site will be operational by saturday june 24

best regards
nina czegledy


We are pleased to announce the


Saturday, June 24, 2000   12:00 pm


401 Richmond St. W. Toronto, Canada

Panel Discussion with Kim Sawchuk, Jack Butler, Neil Gerlach and
Moira Howes
Moderator Nina Czegledy

featuring the work of eleven international artists
Curated by Nina Czegledy and Jack Butler.
Developed by Michelle Kasprzak, Slavica Ceperkovic
amd Jeremy Drummond

PRESENTATION of the Daniel Langlois award  for  the best
contribution to the Digibodies Online Exhibition development.


We would like to invite you to join the

SYNAPSE Online Forum
Beginning June 24 thorugh September, 2000
chaired by Kim Sawchuk,
co-moderated  by Sara Diamond, Jeanne Randolph and Tibor Vamos

SYNAPSE  an ongoing, online discussion intends to investigate
the changing perceptions of the human body due to implications of
recent innovations in the biosciences.

Regardless of age, sex, geographic location, income or
political beliefs - each and everyone of us is (or will be)
influenced by the new discoveries  that reshaped
biomedicine  in ways that could have been barely imagined
a decade ago. These new  discoveries (permeating our daily life)
are presenting fundamental challenges  to traditional societal
values, but can science and industry really tell the whole story?

We would appreciate your subscription to SYNAPSE
and are very much looking forward to your comments, questions and
active participation. For more project information please see

information and archive:
subscribe thru clicking 'join' at
unsubscribe thru 'login' at
subscribers can post messages to

Curated by Nina Czegledy

Presented by
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada
401 Richmond St. W. Toronto, M5V 3A8, 416 599 7206
In Collaboration with Nina Czegledy,  Ludwig Museum Budapest/Museum
of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary, C3 Center for Culture & Communication,
Budapest, Hungary.

Image Identity by Ars Wonderland, Hungary.

Special thanks for the sponsorship of the Daniel Langlois Foundation.

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