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Re: <nettime> Re: <.nettime> The role of model citizenz or the role of the Netizen

> Ronda:
> Ya gotta be careful when you throw around these goofy notions of history .
. .
> > The citizen of the french revolution was a force challenging the
> >  old.
> The French "citizens" you appear to be speaking about were very fond of
> calling each other by ROMAN names (not exactly "new"?) . . . and they were
> mostly motivated by fear, hunger, greed and blood-lust (if not to mention
> wine, sex and magic) NOT any sort of attack on the "old."  (See Otto
> "Robespierre: The Voice of Virtue" for a primer on all this . . .)

Excellent. no more new than renaissance with out antic buggerer grecian
profil revival., and yes you don't skimp on goofy of just history
yourself. you make the things sumptuously, i love particularly 'wine sex and
magic' wonderful. Your description is quite good for illuminating a well
horned black sabbath where one eats babies in playing cards under condition
nobody say king and queen and during the aristocrates sing and dance with a
red necklace cause they will be guillotined tomorow. sade in his book
'frenchman an effort till for being revolutionair' says all the husbands
have to give their wife to the people and no woman could never refuse sexual
advance from a french nomore. but yes there is a roman emperor who
prostitute all the wife of senators and another one who nakedwomen-draw his
chariot, but it is said that from moon no human realisation is visible exept
wall of china..so imagine despair about even the biggest earthling naked
arse ! nothing new under the moon and one doesn't wait otto for
characterising these guys as livid executioners 'smearors of laws' cause
hombre, looking down all the great human wraths is -always- looking down the
humans full stop. so nothing new sub sole with otto no more. tell it him
goofy notions of history is a right and may be a duty and often an honour
then beliving to say the definitive truth in surch banal terms about surch
overtaken things is just inanity.
Salut et fraternité

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