albert on Fri, 9 Jun 2000 12:18:18 +0200 (CEST)

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My thoughts about illegal use of software.

The softwareconsumersmarket is in my opinion devided in two groups: 
personal and bizniz-users. The first group using professional software
should be able to use this illegal software.

Three reasons for this:
- they learn to deal with IT on a high-level when using professional
software packages, what is productive for the knowledge-level for the
whole society.
- in this way people have the possibilty to compare several products
without having to spend huge amounts of money
- personal users normally don't have the money to pay for these expensive
packages, and by being honest and not using these the divide between
IT-experts and internetamateurs would stay to broad
(he, and besides that, you can't pick feathers from a bold turkey ;)

What the bizniz users concerns:

- give them the opporunity to play around with these expensive software,
by the time they earn money with it and their company is getting bigger,
they will pay, because they then have the money, a company is better of
doing stuff legally, and when getting bigger they have to buy it because
the get into the world-picture

Summarising: just let people play with it, when they like it and can pay
the price, they will


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