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<nettime> China arrests Internet editor

China arrests Internet editor
The man who launched China's first human rights website has been
arrested and accused of attempting to overthrow the state.

Huang Qi and his wife were taken from their home in the city of Chengdu
last Saturday after articles commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown
were published on his website. The arrests came on the eve of the 11th
anniversary of the bloody suppression of the pro-democracy movement.

His wife, Zeng Li, was released three days later, but she says her
husband continues to be held and has now been charged with subversion.

One of the items published on Mr Huang's website was a letter from the
mother of a young student killed during the demonstrations. It accused
police of beating her son to death. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of
people were killed as the Tiananmen Square movement was suppressed in

Mr Huang's arrest is another sign of just how nervous the Chinese
Government is about the explosive growth of the Internet, and, in
particular, with its use by dissident groups to disseminate information
the authorities consider subversive.  

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