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<nettime> Belgium IMC STARTUP

June, 4th 2000

Independent Media Center Belgium


The Independent Media Center is a network of collectively run media outlets
for the creation of radical, objective and passionate tellings of the truth.
We work out of love and inspiration for people  to who continue to work for
a better world, despite corporate media 's distortions and unwillingness to
cover the efforts to free humanity.

The Indymedia movement started with coverage of the WTO protest in Seattle
last year. Indymedia uses new technology to give independent media workers
the opportunity to tell their story to the world. For this Indymedia uses
video, audio, print and the internet. The website unites these different

On Saturday the third of June, took a first meeting of Indymedia Belgium
place in 'Cinema Nova'  in Brussels. Thirty two people participated,
everyone with a different background : artists, journalists, filmmakers,
workers and students. Both national languages ( French and Dutch) were
represented and were willing to work together.

During the UNICE (Union of Industrial and Employer' s Confederation of
Europe) ,  meeting in Brussels from the 9th till 11th of June,  Indymedia
Belgium will cover the protests and the whole event in the meetingrooms.

>From Monday the fifth till Friday the ninth of June, Regards Croisés
(videoproduction house in Brussels) gives Indymedia Belgium the opportunity
to use their offices and their video equipment. Regard Croisés will be open
each morninng at 9 a.m. Besides, there will be a meeting each day at 12 a.m.
to discuss the tasks during the following week. Everybody is welcome.

On Saterday the tenth of June, Brussels 2000 gives Indymedia Belgium the
opportunity to use the second floor in the Brussel2000 building (in the
Schildknaepstraat). This room will function as a newsroom and a press center
during the day. It's open for everybody.

You  can easily upload your article, audio or video on the website

Indymedia Belgium

Contact : han Soete
Mobile :32 (0) 0476 533 188
Regard Croisés : Lambert Crickxstraat 30, 1070 Brussel
Phone            : 32 00 2 521 17 20

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