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Re: <nettime> hush: a response to crush: a response to crash

On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Peter Lunenfeld wrote:

> >Could you please elaborate?  What is this "professional ethic" and how does it
> >eliminate the "cognitive dissonance" an artist might experience working for
> >wages in the current economic system?
> But,
> and this is why discussions like this one are important, if we take
> seriously the idea that we need to formulate new ways of thinking about the
> relations between culture and commerce in this era of dormant oppositional
> ideologies, then rethinking the de facto assumptions that creative
> individuals must always chafe under the constraints of the market (the
> "cognitive dissonance" I mentioned) is a topic we'll have to address. 


Perhaps you would like to discuss this on's new list
"fine art versus graphic design"

send mail to with "subscribe versus" in the body
of the message. 

We're just beginning, but we've always wanted to discuss this matter
further with you. 

BTW, we've switched from trout to sea bass. 


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