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Re: <nettime> Webby Awards

Declan McCullagh wrote:

> I was a nominating judge for the Webby awards, but not for this category.
> It's a shame to see etoys there -- if nothing else, they're not exactly an
> exemplar of how an Internet business should handle domain name issues.

interesting, why it is a shame?  it is a commercial site, nominated in a
commercial category of a commercial show.  last year they (etoys) started
a trial against the group which had registered one of the desired domain
names (etoy) two years before them.  shame would be if they are in
Politics/Law category of this show. 

actually, i'd be more interested in other things.
-who was this 'progressive' guy who offered a category 'activism' this year for
the 'web oscar' ?
-and who were these very  careful guys who nominated the sites?
-why nominated sites are eating  this  gratefully?
-why activists are silent about it?
-and what is activism?
-just an art compain based on a political  subject?
-may be to extend next time the art category to 10 nominants or commercial to
-why toywars compain is not nominated?
-probably, next year?
-in what category?


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