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<nettime> osculture

osculture - platform for open culture


...To solve an interesting problem, start by finding a problem that is
interesting to you...(E.Raymond) 

we did. 

osculture is the first version of a platform which wants to focus on the
discussion about the open source principle beyond the software context. 

this site is first of all meant as a practical tool for people who are
involved in cultural production/distribution by collecting and publishing
relevant resources.  futhermore there is an open database for cultural
projects which feel close to the idea of open source. osculture wants to
bring people together to share/exchange information of cultural production
and organisation.

the site has started in german but is open for every kind of input. 

osculture is an open source project itself, so it needs your help to grow. 
suggestions, criticism, improvements, questions... reactions are welcome.

best, carsten stabenow
osculture - plattform offener kultur

=2E..To solve an interesting problem, start by finding a problem that=20
is interesting to you...(E.Raymond)

osculture ist der entwurf einer plattform, die eine=20
auseinandersetzung mit dem open source prinzip =FCber den=20
softwarekontext hinaus thematisieren will.

die seite soll in erster linie praktisches hilfsmittel fuer=20
kulturmacher sein und wichtige ressourcen zusammentragen und=20
(das soll nicht ausschliessen, theoretische grundlagen zu diskutieren)

das projekt ist offen fuer alle: wer osculture als open source of=20
culture verstehen will, also nicht irgendeinen, sondern DEN code=20
ermitteln, verkuenden und verreissen will, wer osculture als=20
operating system of culture begreifen will, soll das tun, denn so ist=20
es gedacht.

anregungen, kritiken, vorschlaege, verwerfungen, verisse,=20
verbesserungen, hilfe, fragen... eine heftige reaktion ist erwuenscht.

beste gruesse, carsten stabenow
osculture - plattform offener kultur

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