carsten on Sat, 1 Apr 2000 18:08:00 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> osculture

>your project sounds promising and could indeed 'scratch an itch' (to use
>Raymond terminology) in the net arts. However, some issues/bugs need IMHO to
>be addressed:

dear florian,

>- The HTML/javascript code of "" doesn't work under open
>source/free operating systems such as Linux/BSD with free/open source
>browsers. (lynx and Mozilla M13 tested.) I would had liked to enter my own
>GPLed net poetry project into the database but failed because of that.

thank you for your comments.  at the moment osculture works only with
netscape but on all platforms (also linux, as far as i know) 

>- Not every net artistic project you list is, I think, compliant to "open
>source" as it is defined in the Open Source Definition
><> or in the Debian Free Software Guidelines
><>. In many cases, net arts projects make some vague
>anticopyright statements without being specific about the terms of reusing
>and distributing their code. Even Nettime is _not_ Open Source, because the
>commercial distribution of its content is prohibited.

here again the basic facts, in case someone on the list got it wrong:  the
kernel of "osculture" is an collection (archive/resource) of practical
hints and information for people who organise cultural events and make
them possible.  the experiences from our own projects show that the access
to this kind of information (fundraising, sponsoring, work in public,
contracts, law...) is often very difficult to find. in fact, this
knowledge is often regarded as something secretive, which was the basic
idea for such an information database. 

the fact, that this happens in the net and can only develop if many people
add content, correct mistakes, expand the functionality, makes this an
analogy to the open source principle for me. 

>I hope that "osculture" will help to shape both the political consciousness
>about copylefting and the mere technical knowledge of what free
>software/open source exactly is in the net arts. Both, I think, could be

(osculture is not primarily about net art, more about things happening on
the streets, but the net is a good tool to organise) 


osculture - plattform offener kultur

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