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[Nettime-bold] C R I S I S W E B N E W S: New ICG report - Aceh: Why MilitaryForce Won't Bring Lasting Peace

 C R I S I S W E B   N E W  S
Tuesday, 12 June  2001

Indonesia --------------------------- Aceh: Why Military Force Won't Bring
Lasting Peace   ICG Asia Report No. 17    There is no hope of a resolution
to Aceh s 50-year rebellion and growing  demands for independence unless
the Indonesian government reins in the excesses  of the TNI (Indonesian
National Military) and police. A key question analysed by  ICG is whether
the military really wants a political solution. Operations in  Aceh
currently serve both the economic and political interests of TNI
institutions and individual officers. The Indonesian government has
recently  released a comprehensive six-point plan designed to re-establish
government  control and promote economic growth in Aceh, but it lacks
political content and  depends on military operations. ICG warns that
sending more troops to Aceh will  only lead to more depredation and boost
support for independence. The military  operates in Aceh in a virtual legal
and political vacuum. ICG s key  recommendations to the government of
Indonesia are to quickly define and  restrict the TNI s activities.
Military operations should be limited to what is  necessary to maintain the
status quo while a peaceful settlement is pursued.  Only a substantial
autonomy package for Aceh, like the one currently before the  Indonesian
parliament, could form the basis of a possible political solution.
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