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[Nettime-bold] C R I S I S W E B N E W S: New ICG report on Central Asia -Localised Poverty and Social Unrest

 C R I S I S W E B   N E W  S
Friday, 8 June  2001

Central Asia ---------------------------  Incubators of Conflict: Central
Asia s Localised Poverty and Social  Unrest     ICG Asia Report No. 16  
Poverty in certain localities of Central Asia is now so  severe that it
poses a serious threat to stability. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and  Uzbekistan
face complex economic and political challenges; if they continue to  be
ignored by the international community and mismanaged by national
governments, increasing militancy, violent unrest and even attempts to
overthrow  current regimes can be expected. Poverty and economic distress
are not likely  causes of conflict in themselves. But there is a sufficient
bedrock of political  grievance, economic insecurity and mistrust in the
localities ICG reports on  that an incident such as a riot, border clash or
incursion of militants   all of  which have occurred already   could
rapidly transform into widespread violence,  domestic civil unrest or even
interstate military confrontation. The essential political problem is a
crisis of domestic  authority, and a growing gap between rich and poor.
Foreign donors should ensure  that they travel further than the region s
capitals when assessing the real  needs of the people.   
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