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[Nettime-bold] Inserts - Dora Garcia

aleph is pleased to announce the launch of INSERTS IN REAL TIME, by Dora García

"Inserts in Real Time" is a project unfolding as a series of "real" 
interventions in "real" time by means of performances, carried out by 
actors following the instructions of Dora García.

These performances will take place in different venues throughout the year 
2001, within the context of different festivals and/or exhibitions 
("Festival a/d Werf"- Utrecht, "Stromereien"- Zurich, "Marres"- Maastricht, 
"La Gallera"- Valencia, "La Caixa" - Barcelona)

Each of the projects-performances has its own time development, from a few 
minutes (The Locked Room) to several hours (The Notebook, Proxy) and even 
to months (The Black Veil, The Circle, Coma), or, potentially, forever (All 
The Stories). Because of this temporal extension, nobody (not even the 
artists, sometimes not even the performers) can witness the performances in 
their totality. Therefore a very important part of the "Inserts in Real 
Time" project is the distribution of information about the project (which 
is done through the net).

Each performance, or "insert", is completed by a "Diary", consisting of 
notes, reflections, documentation, photographs, QT movies, and real diaries 
written by the artist or the performers, and sent by means of e-mails to 
the site every day that a performance takes place. This means that each 
insert exist both as action and as narration.

All this information can be visited in the website "Inserts in Real Time"

Aleph has created as well a distribution/subscription list offering you the 
possibility of receiving directly in your mailbox the messages constructing 
the diaries.

This means that you can easily follow the development of the performances, 
being part of a parallel audience to the project, an audience slightly 
"shifted" from the real time audience directly witnessing the performances.

"Inserts in Real Time" consists of 10 projects, three of them being 
performed right now ("Proxy", "The Glass Wall", and "Crowd", this last 
project made in collaboration with the American choreographer David Hernandez).

A fourth insert is being launched these days: All The Stories. In "All The 
Stories", public and performer are one and the same person. This means that 
every visitor of the site

is a potential performer of the insert. If you subscribe to "Inserts…", 
then you will be a potential performer… forever, if you wish. Check it out.

All inserts can be visited at:

More information about the project can be found at:

If you wish to subscribe, do it at

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