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[Nettime-bold] XIII edition of Computer art fest

Call for applications

Dear friends,

We are very happy to inform you that we will organize this year the
XIII edition of the international forum for computer arts COMPUTER
SPACE '2001. This event will take place as usual in the National
Palace of Culture in Sofia from 10 to 13 October 2001. The computer
art forum includes exhibitions, seminars, conferences, concerts and
shows in the sphere of almost all computer arts: computer graphics,
animation, computer and electronic music, multimedia and WWW arts. 

Computer Space is the biggest and most popular computer art event in
Bulgaria and Balkans. Artists and companies show their best 
achievements and discuss on the future of computer and electronic 
arts. In the last editions a number of famous companies and 
organizations took part -Academy for Media and Art (Cologne), ART+COM 
(Berlin), IRCAM (Paris), Bildo Academy (Berlin), Institute for 
Electroacoustic of Vienna University, art department of Sydney 
University, AGAVE - France as well as many others.

This year there will be awarded art works in following categories:

1.Computer graphics & Digital photography

2. Computer animation &Digital video 

3. Off-line & on-line multimedia

4. Electronic and computer music

5. Experimental advertising (not broadcasting advertising)

6. Bulgarian site '2001


International symposium "Unisex culture" 

This year focus point will be situated in "Unisex Culture". There will
be discussion of the aspects: how modern technologies influence our
identity, how they significantly change the traditional established
mechanisms and stereotypes in the society and how they bring to
unification of the every day life of the different sexes. Another
focus point in this year program is the presentations of
Mediterranean's computer art achievements.

MAIN EVENTS in the program: 

- Official opening of the XIII-th edition of "Computer space" forum
and awarding the nominated. (Up to 5 art works of each category will
be awarded. The first prize winners are going to be awarded also with
gold-plated statues)
- Winner`s seminar
- "Unisex culture" seminar 
- "The freedom of self-expression" seminar
- "Virtual identity"seminar
-  Concerts of electronic and computer music 
- Web seminar


The application package includes:
1. Filled and signed ENTRY FORM
2. Abstract/Description of the project (up to 1/2 page) 
3. Demo of the artwork (on video, audio tape, CD, www address or
printed visual material) 4. Brief CV of the author(s) (up to 1/2 page)
5. Photo of the author(s) or picture from the artwork 

There is no participating fee. You could apply by sending the
application package to the SCAS`s post address (Please, mark on the
letter cover that the package is for non-commercial purposes.) or by
on-line registration on the 

The organizers of COMPUTER SPACE 2001 have  rights to use your entry
in the printed materials of the Forum, video and audio tapes, as well
as other media presenting COMPUTER SPACE 2001 for the purposes of the
Forum presentation. All artistic  rights  remain with you.

The submitted works should demonstrate the use of computer in arts
and design. The Organizing committee will discuss all entries on the
criteria of creativity, composition and conceptual design.


Deadline for receiving the applications: 20.09.2001. Authors are
welcome to send their proposals and to contact organizers well ahead
of the deadline.

Computer Space forum is organized by:

SCAS and Computer Art Center in partnership with

ABC Design & Communication 
National Palace of Culture - "Reklama - Expo" 
Ministry of Education and Science - National Student House 
MobilTel Ltd. 
Evrika Foundation 
French Institut - Sofia 
Heamimont Foundation 
Soros Center for Arts 
Medi@terra (Greece)
and others. 

Best regards:

Rosen Petkov  - Chairman of the Organizing Committee


XIII edition of Computer Space '2001
10, Narodno sabranie sq.
Sofia 1000
phone/fax: +359 2 9870293
fax: +359 2 9877477

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