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Might be interesting to get a transcript of this online seminar. It costs
$240 to register.

>From the site:

Counteracting Anti-Corporate Activism on the Web, in the Streets, Against

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Seminar Outline

Big public companies, their products, spokespersons, and celebrities are
big targets. Each day, the Internet is used to discuss the world's largest
consumer products and services companies. This commentary comes from
unsatisfied customers, disgruntled current and former employees,
competitors, stock manipulators, class actions attorneys, extortionists,
activists, and others seeking to pressure companies or cause reputational
damage. Anti-corporate activism is the subject of growing concern to all
companies. Managing these threats will be one of the dominant management
and communications problems in the future.

Four Easy Ways to Register 

1. BY PHONE: 1-800-775-7654. Call us Monday -- Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m. Central Time. Please mention Program Code PRA6262-0.

2. BY FAX: 1-800-676-0734. Send your registration form to our fax machine
24 hours a day! Just click on the program code of your choice below to
print the form. (Please include credit card information with your faxed
registration.) Click Here to display the Registration Form (Adobe Acrobat
PDF format)

3. BY MAIL: Fill out the convenient mail-in registration form and send it
with your payment (check or credit card) to: KRM Information Services,
Inc., PO Box 1187, Eau Claire, WI 54702-1187. Checks must be received at
least one week prior to the program date to insure timely processing of
your registration. Please make checks payable to: KRM Information
Services. Click Here to display the Registration Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF

4. ON-LINE: Click here to Register (Payment is by credit card only

Turning information resources into emotional capital.

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