Dan Schneider on Tue, 19 Jun 2001 15:52:34 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] [Fwd: got him(yeah him!).]

 I have fwded this to 100s of the folk on my list. If you are who you
say you are I encourage you to divulge any further info to people who
email you or to me to fwd. Some folk have accused me of this virus-
which is well beyond my limited cyber skills. If I have accused you
falesly I apologize. I just had to protect my interests. However, that
the virus is called YOU ARE FAT is very indicative of this Sari- she may
be this Mike Bentley fellow after all. I have created a permanent
posting on my site's index page called VIRUS ALERT! Keep me informed,
please, & I shall reciprocate. Again, no hard feelings if I blamed you
falsely. DAN

Mr.Dan Schneider:
Well I found out who the "perpetrator" really is, goes by the name rodus_21@hotmail.com
I had hotmail bust him(which took forever), so I guess it wasn't alias Sari afterall.  rodus has
jumped ship and will probably reappear under another account.  Why are these "freaks"
doing this?  Maybe they should learn poetry?
rodus' real name is Mike Bentley from California.  Hope he's floating back in the ether!
thanks for your time,
Bill.              he's already messed with my account, but he's a got a nice fine$ tracking him.
                          sorry about the confusion.