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[Nettime-bold] NAZI~LINE: program & campaign are hitting a raw nerve in germany



  NAZI~LINE program & campaign are hitting a raw nerve in germany

  Vienna/Berlin/Zurich/Sofia, June 13th, 2001

  Below you find the latest press release by NAZI~LINE

  You can also find this press release at:
  German version at:

  For further information feel free to

  or in urgent cases call our Hotline in Vienna/Austria:

  +43 676 930 00 95
  +43 1 968 10 22 [fax]


  The NAZI~LINE INTRO-CAMPAIGN officially started in April 2001, when teamed up with german media artist christoph schlingensief.
  He was signed as the media anchor for the NAZI~LINE marketing-campaign
  from April to June 2001 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Strong media
  coverage and controversial debates over hate crime and/or nationalistic
  motivated crime are hitting a raw nerve in the german population.

  Primary goals and investments of NAZI~LINE Ltd. are hate crime detection,
  prevention, alternative research und information distribution. On the
  commercial sector, we offer consulting services to corporations seriously
  infected with hate crime. NAZI~LINE asks: "How come your company can
  afford hate crime?"

  NAZI~LINE Ltd. is a new company initated by the the ubermorgen-network
  [ ], the same holding-company that produced the
  notorious [V]ote-auction web-site during the U.S. presidential elections in
  fall 2000. Our holding's headquarters as well as the fully owned subsidiary
  NAZI~LINE Ltd. are based in Sofia/Bulgaria [ubermorgen Ltd.].

  read more:


  In April, the multi-awarded star designers, who created
  the look & feel of the NAZI~LINE web-site received an invitation to hold a
  lecture in the reknown viennese art museum "Kunstlerhaus". During their
  presentation, NAZI~LINE executives Maria Haas, Hans A. Bernhard, and designer Alister P.M. were attacked  by an idividual
  identified as "Stefan". "Stefan" apparently felt that NAZI~LINE was dis-
  honoring nationalism and german 3rd reich values by using its aesthetics
  to attract neo-Nazis to the program. NAZI~LINE strongly opposes such acts
  of raw violence and whishes to express their deepest regrets for the
  interpruption by this obviously psychologically-challenged person.

  Strangely, staff members of the Kunstlerhaus, which still serves as a
  haven for so-called "Old-Nazis" - they serve in the board of members -
  decided to ban NAZI~LINE from their website instead of exploring and
  discussing the issue.

  Please feel free to look at the footage, provided by an amateur filmer
  from the audience [a guest of]:

  and read more about this attack under... [german only!]
  and visit the web-site of the NAZI~LINE star-designers...


  NAZI~LINE casted 6 individuals engaged in the german Neo-Nazi scene
  for the play "Hamlet" at the "Schauspielhaus" Theater in Zurich,
  Switzerland. Here is a quick overview about what happened to some of
  the integrated Neo-Nazis and novice actors since the play opened May 12,
  2001 in Zurich:

  . Melanie Dittmer - the only woman in the crew - returned to her old
    routine, and is back with her former Neo-Nazi gang members. She was
    subsequently expelled from the "Hamlet" acting-crew.
  . Torsten Lemmer, who controls the largest label for right-wing skinhead
    music worldwide, has announced his intention to sell off his majority-
    share of the music-company to the german ministery of interiors.
    negotiations are said to be underway. The label:
  . Markus Boesfleisch, who is a studied actor, was imprisoned in cologne/
    germany on charges of failure to comply with a former court ruling.
  . Jan Zobel was kicked out from his ongoing apprenticeship in a
    dusseldorf/germany based company. he now moved on to acting as the
    leading force behind the founding of an alternative exit-program from
    and for neo-Nazis [self-support group].
  . Martin Kohlmann was kicked out by his "Hamlet" crew members as they
    did not consider his motivation to leave Nazism behind to be sincere.

  During their latest media appearances at the german "Reichstag" - the
  german parliament - guided by green party member rezzo schlauch and
  a dozen camera-teams and news-reporters, and at the press conference
  june 12 in zurich, crew members stated that they intend to start their
  own program, from and for neo-Nazis willing to leave their communities.

  Take a look at the picture of the neo-nazi crew at the Reichstag:
  See pictures of the neo-Nazis and their short-biographies


  As Germany seems to be again falling into the pitfalls of fatally interpreted
  patriotism, german minister of interiors, Otto Schily [former laywer
  of leftist terror group RAF] gave start to a number of federal, state and
  community programs aiming to fight Neo-Nazi movements.

  The primary goal of these undisclosed and only vaguely described programs,
  namely "RAUS" [german for "get out"], is to use classical FBI-strategies in
  order to target Neo-Nazi groups by offering attractive crown witness programs
  to key people within those movements. The second most prominent program "EXIT"
  was initiated by german yellow-press-magazin "Stern" and former intelligence
  officer Bernd Wagner. While both of the above-mentioned programs surely want
  to seriously reach out to hate-striken people throughout germany, they
  unfortunately fail to clearly differentiate between partners and "the enemy":

  NAZI~LINE received legal threats by "EXIT" ordering NAZI~LINE to refrain
  from mentioning EXIT within their link list. Additionally we have trustworthy
  information that "EXIT" has put enormous pressure on small grassroots
  organisations such as "WEISSE ROSE DUESSELDORF", in order to avoid their
  cooperation with the NAZI~LINE campaign.

  Furthermore, the .gov funded RAUS program and their federal and state units
  are surfing our web-site day in, day out, trying to find how to legally stop
  NAZI~LINE from operating its online services.


  Our european NAZI~LINE ad-campaign intendes to establish the brand
  NAZI~LINE within a broad audience. The overwhelming success of the
  campaign proofs NAZI~LINE's ideas of artistic and alternative
  methods to be a most viable mean of targeting classic taboo issues.

  The NAZI~LINE campaign integrated neo-nazis economically by providing
  jobs to individuals ready to leave their old world of useless hate
  behind. The pilot-project "HAMLET" has recruited 6 neo-Nazis to play
  in Shakespears "Hamlet", directed by Christoph Schlingensief.

  "..Schlingensief, known for his political incorrectness.. who misses no
  opportunity to portray how politics and life are intertwined..."
  NZZ, april 2001

  The NAZI~LINE campaign site has so far gathered around 2.5 Mio Visits
  and a registered community of about 17.000 users within the months
  April to June 2001. Over 500 News-features [TV, Radio, Online, and
  Print] in Europe resulted in a massive media surface. Journalists
  in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, but also The Netherlands, Spain,
  Denmark, Russia, and France have covered the story since.

  The german campaign web-site:
  The european press-coverage:


  10.1.2001 ~ Founding of NAZI~LINE ltd., Sofia/Bulgarien, the operational
              company running the program and consulting services NAZI~LINE.
              Fully owned by ubermorgen Ltd., the sofia-based holding-corp.
  17.1.2001 ~ Swiss nationalistic Party "SVP" initiates parliamentary
              session regarding the play "Hamlet" as the party expected riots
              in Zurich and thusly requested a clear positioning of the City-
              Government of Zurich/Switzerland.
  30.1.2001 ~ Corporate Web-Site ONLINE []
  10.4.2001 ~ Official start NAZI~LINE - THE CAMPAIGN in Zurich/Switzerland
  15.4.2001 ~ Campaign Web-Site ONLINE []
  16.4.2001 ~ Neo-Nazi casting for "Hamlet" in Berlin, Zurich and Vienna
  20.4.2001 ~ NAZI~LINE billboard-distributor shot down with a gas-pistol
              in Zurich, NAZI~LINE and Schauspielhaus Zurich employees
              receive serious death-threats via cellphones, snail mail/email
  25.4.2001 ~ Neo-Nazis arrive in Zurich, public reception with music and
              press-conference in Zurich main-station
  29.4.2001 ~ The aussault on NAZI~LINE designers in Vienna/Austria
  Apr.2001  ~ Hamlet/Schlingensief Street-Action-Theater, NAZI~LINE collects
              signatures in the streets of Zurich to ban SVP [Swiss
              Peoples Party] and ZSC [Zurich Ice-Hockey Club]:
  12.5.2001 ~ PREMIERE/OPENING of "Hamlet" play in Zurich. pictures here:
  16.5.2001 ~ .gov programs "EXIT" and "RAUS" publicly attack NAZI~LINE
  22.5.2001 ~ Guestplay "Hamlet" in Berlin, Panel-Discussion with german
              politicians, "ex"-neo-Nazi T. Lemmer announces the offer to
              sell his skin-music label to German Ministery of the Interiors
  23.5.2001 ~ "Hamlet" neo-Nazis visit the German Parliament in Berlin,
              along with top-politicians, intelligence agents and journalists
  12.6.2001 ~ Press-conference of Neo-Nazi actors in Zurich, announcing
              their own exit-program


  How come your company can afford hate crime?

  NAZI~LINE consults companies in fighting hate crime and related
  economic problems. NAZI~LINE is working on both sides of the problem:
  We offer online-programs for infected companies, helping them find
  out about their risks and money losses. NAZI~LINE invests into
  education and integration and offers add-on services such as
  psychological and medical treatment of Neo-Nazis and hate criminals.

  We offer classic consulting services in the area of corporate
  troublemakers and criminal employees to companies and managers ready
  to increase revenues by carefully identifying troublemakers within
  their organizations.

  Large scaled companies as well as small family businesses have to look
  for rising profits in order to maintain a healthy economic position in
  their respective markets. But what to do, if your community and therefore
  your company becomes infected with hate crime and its ugly side-effects?
  One solution, taken by most big corporations, is to move one's
  business to another place, where hate crime is either not as apparant
  or being taken care of in a serious, preventional manner. However,
  this step, clearly deteriorates an already critical situation in
  hate crime affected areas.
  Solution number two [staying and "fighting"] can seem like more work,
  but creates more flexibilty on the side of the company. Companies in
  hate-crime infected areas can receive public funding, improve their
  image, can influence municipial politics and rocket themselves into
  the hearts of small-towners and urban communities.

  International corporations as well as individual victims are kindly
  asked to register:

  For information on our consulting services, issues regarding hate
  crime and indepth-reports, please visit:


  Hate crime and Neo-Nazism can affect the growth and prosperity of companies
  and economic networks throughout the whole world! The most recent and most
  prominent example for the western world has been the wave of war and crime
  throughout the Balkans.

  Whereas in the United States the term "hate crime" has been recognized as a
  unique form of criminal act since the 1950's, european initiatives and
  politicians still focus on neo-nazistic issues and groups. the European
  Union [EU] stricly negates hate crime as a phenomenon. Thus, hate crimes are
  being viewed not as an act against human core values, but the classic
  xenophobic motives are being transformed into extremist political

  Economic downturn becomes a political issue, and communities, families, and
  individuals worldwide are the victims of the daily racist, sexist, and
  homophobic crimes. a party to the battle which is often being totally forgot
  about is the company - employing those who commit hate crimes or even
  committing hate crimes themselves - and the impact of hate criminals on
  infected companies.

  Companies are losing money as we speak because of employees or owners filled
  by hatred and prejudice. These costs include huge marketing and image costs
  directly caused by harmful communication undertaken by hateful employees.


  Corporate Site:
  Campaign Site:

  FBI Press:
  EU Papers:


  For the friendly support, NAZI~LINE would like to thank its core-partners:

                          for the NAZI~LINE team

  maria e. haas           hans a. bernhard             dr. a. bichlbauer
  CEO ubermorgen          press-speaker NAZI~LINE      campaign-coordinator


  NAZI~LINE                          SPLIT THE RIGHT ~ DOUBLE THE DUTY
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                         a ubermorgen company
  telephone hotline +43 1 968 10 22

  Headquarters:            Austrian Branch              U.S. Branch

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