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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> cyberslavery

begin  text warez quotation:
> Shailesh concedes "I was naturally sceptical even when Tauseef
> approached me because I just could not imagine kids, who had yet to
> step into their teens, doing what even grownups find difficult to
> attempt."

	The only reason grownups find it difficult is that it
apparently involves a lot of boring wrote memorization of out-of-date
facts.  This is precisely what an 11-year-old is trained to do in

	Other than this, the certification exams are dead easy.
Technical certification programs are *not* designed to churn out
better engineers.  They're designed to be as easy to pass as possible,
so that applicants for jobs will put the certifications on their

	Imagine you're a manager, and you look at a bunch of job
applicants, and they all say "We're CrunchlyCorp FooTronix[TM]
certified!".  After a while, you begin to think "Well, there must
rilly be somethin' to this here CrunchlyTech!"  You've got hiring
*and* purchasing authority!  You're a ready-made customer for

	Technical certifications on resumes are like garish logos on
clothing.  You're paying money to advertise for someone else.  

You are not entitled to your opinions.
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