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 project still in progress by Nicu Baciu-Mircea
 Cantor-Cip Muresan-Gabi Vanga
This is a project for a publication, a kind of
newspaper about art and artist, young critics,
philosophers, curators, underground zones, music,
public shows, DJ, useful information and maybe
advice, Inserts, publicity, in fact it is a link
between spaces, generations, influences, styles.This
version wants to promote young people,
youngcreators-young people featuring young
 people.We understand differently our generation
 because we are a part of it and we try to offer a
  view from the inside.The problems to discuss: about
strategy, rules, and politics useful in the art field,
about the importance of
  the official and alternative institutions when we
talk about the career of a young artist, about
structure, orientation, big or small shows, big or
small curators, about possibilities of promotion ,but
also about underground("Unlike during the 1960s, an
artist today no longer needs to emigrate to become
  Manifesta 2) and still, the emigration is a real
problem, the context in which you live,  and the way 
this matter can affect you, your integrity, creation,
human relationships, the lack
 of money, many projects without having a chance to be
  realised, questions about how free we are and so
onů. You
 must be a survivor to resist throughout this
  to never give up. We decided to start this project
  order to create a space for debates-all the aspects
and problems of our context.
 1. INSERT -pages dedicated to a young artist,
accompanied by texts, personal projects, reviews,
photographs, interviews, maybe just a project of the
artist, personal intervention, it is a long list
because each
 issue will present a different artist.
 2. RELATIONS-a documentary about the relation
 between institutions and artist, the importance of
the official institutions and the necessity of
 institution as well, the try of making a comparison
between Romania (EAST, in general ) and WEST,talks
about borders and politics.
 3. ART-MARKET-a study on the relation
artist-public-work and art-buyer. Who buys
contemporary art? Who is the public?
 Can we talk about a market for contemporary art in 
the EAST Europe or is just fiction?Does it have(this
market) a
 real importance in the development and suvival of the
contemporary art?For this subject we will make a
documentation about the persons who buy this kind of
art, about the
 existence of the art market, and where we can find 
an art market, about the information arrived at the
audience andhow contemporary art is understood from
outside (ordinary people).
  4. ART IN PUBLIC SPACES- documentary about relation
between art and public spaces , interventions,
graffiti, pulling down, contemporary sculpture ,
architecture , enviromental art.
  We want with this publication to create a link among
artists, to find out more about young artists, to know
details about what our generation think, do, feel, no
matter the geographical zone, social
 statements, preference, nationality, taste. If you
think you are really interested in one of  these
subjects and you 
 want to collaborate with us, please send us an
 We want to print in 1000 copy this publication and 
 we try to make a list, to gather lots of addressees 
 post, because our wish for this publication is to 
 it directly to the person who is interested, and  not
 be sold. It is a matter of strategy in the same
 get finance for this project we must demonstrate 
 we have a list with persons who want to receive
  this publication. This is an open list in which
anybody can add
 proposals. In fact we send you this text of our
project especially to create a connection, to hear
different points of view, to find collaborators. If
you know somebody,eg-a young artist, who is interested
 in this kind of collaboration,give him or her our
address and also if you wish to receive our
publication, write us your address.
 Thank you,
 Gabriela Vanga, Ciprian Muresan, Mircea
Cantor,Nicolae Baciu

str.GUTINULUI nr. 19

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