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[Nettime-bold] SEAFair 2001/Society and Genomic Culture

SEAFair 2001, 15  - 20 June 2001
Skopje Electronic Arts Fair

Society and Genomic Culture 

Location: Museum of Contemporary Arts

Organizer: Contemporary Art Center Skopje

Suported by: Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia, Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, Embassy of USA in Macedonia, PROHELVETIA Arts Council of Switzerland, Goethe Institute Belgrade, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Macedonian Academy of Science and Art

SKOPJE ELECTRONIC ART FAIR (SEAFair) http://seafair.scca.org.mk/ represents a focal point on the Balkans, in regard to applying new technologies in art projects. In the fifth year of SEAFair titled as Society and Genomic Culture CAC concentrates at investigating the implications of the development of bio-technology and genetics (GM Food, Human Genome Project, etc.), as well as the implications of the cross connections between these fields and the culture, informatics, and techno-utilization.


FRIDAY 15.06.2001 
Museum of Contemporary Arts - Skopje 
Workshop, Leader Liljana Simjanovska 

10:00 1st Lecture by Liljana Simjanovska
Gene structure and function
11:00 2nd Lecture by Liljana Simjanovska
Mendelian inheritance and recombination


SATURDAY 16.06.2001
Museum of Contemporary Arts - Skopje

11:00 Workshop   
3rd Lecture by Liljana Simjanovska
Nucleic acid based methods 

Panel "Art and Biotechnology"

19:30 - 20:00 Roy Asccot 
Moistmedia  Art: towards the convergence  of  bits, atoms, neurons and

20:00-20:30  Suzana Milevska 
Life and Technology in the Work of Eduardo Kac

20:30-21:00 Rainer Matysik
The desire for a more perfect form of life

21:30-22:00 Maja Kuzmanovic

22:00 - 22:30 Diana McCarty
What do Cyberfeminists Eat

22:30 Discussion 

SUNDAY 16.06.2001

10:00 - 14:30 Macedonian Academy for Sciences and Arts
Introduction to the Laboratory work in the Research Center for New Technologies - Division of Genetic Engineering and BioTechnology.
Introduction in laboratory practice (methods and equipement for RNA/DNA analyses: RNA&DNA extraction, Southern blot, Northern blot, DNA fingerprinting, PCR, RT/PCR, ASO hybridization, SSCP, DGGE, DNA cloning and DNA sequencing)
- Practical work 

Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje
17:30 - 18:00 Momo Kuzmanovic
Presentation in the working Space of installation of Andreja Kulundzic


18:00 - 18:30 Dr. Liljana Simjanovska
The Nitrogen theory

18:30-19:00 Dr. Liljana Simjanovska and  Georgi Stoilkov
Vibrations and Cloning

19:00 - 19:30 Discussion

19:30 Panel Biotechnology Debate

19:30 -20:00  Klaus Aman
The role of science in the application of the Precautionary Principle

20:00-20:30  Oliver Ressler
Anti Gene Worlds: Opposition to genetic Engineering

20:30-21:00  Timothy Druckrey
The Genetic Industrial Complex...

21:30-22:00  Nina Czegledy
Digital Body Virtual Spectacles

22:00 - 22:30 Heath Bunting

22:30 Discussion 

- Andrea Kuluncic (Croatia)
- CLOSED REALITY - EMBRYO  http://embryo.inet.hr

- Eduardo Kac (Brasil/USA)
- Alba
- Genesis http://www.juliafriedman.com/exhib_kac.html 

- Petko Dourmana, Plamen Voushev (Bulgaria)
- SOCIETOR www.ada.bg 

- Rainer Matysik (Germany) 
- The intimate relationship between living organisms and human beigns replaces clothing

- Heath Bunting (GB)
- Biotech Hobbyist http://irational.org/biotech 

- Oliver Ressler (Austria)
- Focus on Companies

- Dijana Tomic (Macedonia)
- Circular Memories

- Emil Petrov & Kristina Miljanovska (Macedonia)
- C_on_t_act

- Diana McCarty (Germany/USA)
- Faces

- Tiia Johannson (Estonia)
- get.real http://artun.ee/homepages/xtiiax/mikki/alien/index.html 

- Brezze Mez (Australa) 
- Cloning God and Angels http://homepages.tig.com.au/~garu/calpha.htm  http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/frame4/mez/clonegod.htm 

- Pavu com group (France)
	- Lucy www.pavu.com/lucy  

- Michalis Pichler & Nikolaos Zachariadis (Austria/Greece)
	- Proton

- Irena Paskali (Macedonia)
	- Gen... genesis

- Effie Halivopoulou (Greece)
	- www.arachni.net/effie

- Adam Zaretsky (USA)
	- Microinjected fish eggs

Kalina Bunevska Isakovska
Visual Arts Program Coordinator
CAC - Skopje, Macedonia
Address: Orce Nikolov 109, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
tel./fax: ++389.91/133-541; 214-495
e-mail: kalina@scca.org.mk

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