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[Nettime-bold] INFOUPDATE GBG 2001

GBG 2001
Gothenburg, Sweden  June 14-16, 2001 
I N F O U P D A T E 

"We presume that you all have know, or at least have 
heard, about the events that are going to take place in 
Gothenburg on June 14-16. Not only do we have the 
meeting between different Prime Ministers of the EU 
but also the president of the United States, George W. 
Bush will pay us a visit. The left-wing movement in 
Gothenburg has arranged a variety of protests and 
actions against those, some announced in advance, 
while others are not."
FROM: http://motkraft.net/gbg2001/ (in english)


"We protest against the undemocratic EU and we say 
"No" to giving neo-liberal politics, in the form of the 
European Monetary Union, the dignity of constitutional 
law. We oppose the transformation of the public sector 
and our environment into nothing more than market 
commodities. We oppose the militarisation of the EU, 
racism and the construction of a "Fortress Europe". "
FROM: http://www.gbg2001.org (in Scandinavian 
languages, enlgish, french, german) 


http://sweden.indymedia.org (in swedish, and we are 
working hard on translations! into enlgish and french!)
-  24 hrs newswire of GBG protests, discussions, and 
information about mediaaccess.

Be the media. 

written by Sara Platon
-ASCII member and imc-activist in GBG 

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