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Michael Goldhaber <>

>Wait a minute! 

01 regurg!taz!e

>Clearly, McKenzie Wark is getting paid for publishing on
>nettime. Otherwise why would he do it? I want my share.

= 1nz du = komput uat McKenzie Wark = haz ztatd peut etre.

>The truth is, of course,

du = 01 lo.tekk zlave unabl 2 dekomp!l
01 ema!l +?

> Wark hopes to be paid --in attention , and this
>is the main benefit to academics who publish anything While I agree with
>him that publishers should not be allowed to obtain unlimited rights
>just for publishing something, the vast majority of academics would
>barely make enough money for a good lunch out annually from their
>writings even if royalties were assiduously collected. Still, many gain
>considerable attention directly or indirectly through their
>publications, which leads to rewards of all kinds.
>If Wark is serious about copyright vigilance for reproduction, he should
>eschew publishing on nettime. But giving up the international attention
>would be a mistake that could lead, for instance, to his not being
>invited to the next international conference.  Likewise, keeping
>hisphotocopied words out of the reach of a few students who chooose not
>to pay for compiled "readers" (as they must on most US campuses ) might
>mena a loss of some of the best followers he might otherwise get.

modl c!t!zn

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