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 Shannon Noble

>Dear Neocon,
>Where do you live? What neighborhood do you traverse? How often does a man
>ask you for spare change or the opportunity to wipe your window clean for a
>small fee? In the town for which my visual history is that of fifteen years
>or longer I've seen the numbers increase dramatically. 

due 2 nr ov u!ndouz +?

<nr ov u!ndouz increased dramatically

due 2 nr * a man +?

>The hours required
>for my own middle class subsistence have increase to the point of antagonism
>and nihilism....

kompet!z!e = !nzezant +?

nr * a man +?
eczpenz!v = beaut!fl +?

>and my middle class dollars and the cash required to
>purchase a home and maintain that home diminish relative to the increased
>greed that is relative to "one of the greatest booms in historry with an
>enormous creation on non-inflationary wealth".

greed * nr * a man +? 
greed = !neczpenz!v +?

>I broke down and bought a watch tonight.

inflationary health
progresz = !nev!tabl +?

>bought a watch tonight

t!me = 01 !lnesz +?

due 2 nr ov u!ndouz +?

>No art is created in joy any

art != konztruktd !n jo!
ma!z !n dezpa!r +?

= 01 !nd!katr ov nett!me `art` 
+ addtl korporat zerf rel!g!ouz `art` +?

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