data[h!]bleede on Tue, 18 Apr 2000 01:20:45 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: [webartery] RE_[net.]WURK[her]INPR :e.box1//[wo]mani.pul[lN pushe of textuallnezz]ates

At 04:26 PM 17/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
11:58>  chrom[atic stretchez in2 ether]e.box1[maile in2 hear? i think sew]	<

Today's Mes-sages n-cluded 2 messages which did not show uppe amonge mi
[g]New Messages on the left side of the board:

1) a message posted in [wo]mani.pul[l N pushe of textuallnezz]ates traffic
2) a message posted in

When the Today's Mez-sages re[ar]fresh[N sparked]ed at mid[dle n beginnin N
ende]night, theze dis.appear[ances n cordz ov strandez, meaning tuglinez]ed
along with the rest.  

<	12:01
tinkle of glass faintly like something you hear when	>
Both messages r still absent from my New Messages.

<	12:02

machine drowns everything out the     
machine message appeared marked as new on the All Messages screen.	>
Prose message still absent.

<	12:03

ladders up and down the side fans and ducts and
message appeared on my New Messages screen.
Prose message still absent.	>

<	12:00
ch[ange the]Rom.ebox1.sw[i]f[tlee nowe] [f.[back]lash 4 [for] teXt
dis.splay[N guttered] + speak.hers ON]
Prose message still absent on my New Messages.  Marked NEW on All Messages.	>


At 04:26 PM 17/04/00 -0400, I wrote [behinde the net.wurk]:
code playahs[creatorz]: RE_WORKINPR        data[h!]bleede
everdeen tree


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