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CalArts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles present


Rachel Baker/Heath Bunting/Cornelia Sollfrank

Wednesday April 26 at 8:00 PM
MOCA Ahmanson Auditorium
250 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles
The lectures are free and open to the public.


Rachel Baker (UK) is a net.artist who appropriates and inverts
corporate marketing techniques used to gather and distribute data:
loyalty cards, surveys, databases and electioneering. She is a
core member of, an art server widely known for its
blend of net art, engineering and activism. Baker is currently
working on the analysis, design and management of's
information systems to promote social radicalism and distribute
technological opportunity. Her activities in include
developing the magazine, TMSelector and organizing web-casting
events throughout Europe. She recently taught a course on
at the London School of Economics.

Cornelia Sollfrank (Germany) is an artist whose central concerns are
the changing role of the artist in the information age, new forms of
dissemination of art, the gender-specific handling of technology and
communication and networking as art. She was a member of the
collectives "Frauen-und-Technik" and "-Innen," and she initiated the
Cyberfemininist alliance known as "Old Boys Network"
( Her project "Female Extension" (1997)
( was a hack of the first
competition initiated by a museum, in which she flooded the museum's
network with submissions by 300 virtual female net artists. Her generator ( automatically
produces art on demand. She published the readers "First Cyberfeminist
International" (1988) and "Next Cyberfeminist International" (1999)
( Sollfrank is currently producing work on
the subject of female hackers.

Heath Bunting (UK)
time:                       activity:
----                        ---------
in the 1900's             - conceived in london
just around the corner    - became paranoid due to excessive planning
when i was little         - played computer, flying & shooting games
1st june 1982             - ran & cycled fast into the future
far afield                - programmed & climbed internally
MCMLXXX?                  - surfed hard edges of the street rebelliously
seconds later             - embraced reality despite pain of existence
1980's                    - caught during acts of misunderstanding
during the 20th century   - bmxed & designed stained glass craftily
a number of streets away  - bathed in seduction of electromagnetic struggle
on my way here            - walked and chalked aimlessly
at long last              - escaped the power of protest through confusion
nearabouts                - abandoned negative self definition with multimedia
94                        - chose success & enjoyed some attention
on the horizon            - accepted denial with reluctance
1996                      - confronting mortality with eating/sleeping/fucking
later                     - uphold dignity/creativity
in the future             - walk around the world when learnt to stand still
now                       - subvert rational space and time
today                     - creating disbelief with insurrection
this afternoon            - hiding out in the hills

<> is a lecture and workshop series featuring net artists,
net activists and net collectives from around the world. The series
brings together for the first time in the United States artists and
activists known  for their low tech and interventionist strategies
of experimental and radical cultural production, collaboration, and
critique on and off the Internet.

The series is a collaborative effort between the CalArts Programs in
Photography in the School of Art, Integrated Media and MOCA.

For further information please call 661-291-3064, write to or visit our website.

If you don't want to receive information about upcoming
<> events please email to be removed
from the list

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