alessio on Tue, 18 Apr 2000 02:11:41 +0200 (CEST)

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dear nettizens

kindly add my email address to your list serve d.base.

thank you for your generous cooperation.

alessio cavallaro
new media projects
cinemedia at federation square


Cinemedia?s Screen Gallery at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
opening mid 2001

Visitors to Federation Square will observe dynamic interactions between
television and digital multimedia.

The Screen Gallery on the Square will be Australia?s premier international
screen arts
exhibition venue, a space where multimedia practice and theoretical
speculations about
all forms of the moving image will be in constant energetic re-negotiation.

The Screen Gallery will complement the cinemas located on the upper level
of Federation Square.
The Gallery will collect and display the best work from the history of
video and digital multimedia
whilst acquiring and presenting contemporary work, and designing and
commissioning future projects.


Cinemedia is an Australian cultural organisation which encourages and
assists the development, production, exhibition and knowledge of
television, film and new media.

GPO Box 4361 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia

tel  +61 3 9651 0600
fax  +61 3 9651 1600

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